Update V1.01 is LIVE! / V1.01 配信開始

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Bonus! Jul 2 @ 10:23am 
Is there any chance you could add replays for the top scores, maybe the top 5 or top 10 per mode? I mean, have replays of top scores automatically uploaded, so that others can view them too. Some Xbox 360 STGs have this feature, and it's really great to have. Thank you!
ImTehFoxxy Jun 23 @ 7:53am 
Can ya guys make the resolution work like any other games out there(aka many resolution options)... the last game that I bought that hadthis problem was Binding of Isaac and my god I'm not doing it again...
RM Dev Jun 19 @ 7:01pm 
Yotsubane is still looking for a solution of the fullscreen problem. Here is something test revealed that can help you in the while : for the game to work on fullscreen, the resolution 1280×768 x 60Hz needs to be supported currently. Thanks for you patience.

フルスクリーンの問題はまだ解決すべく、四つ羽根さんが修正の方法を探している途中です。ただし、一つ分かった事で、修正されるまでに使える情報があったのでこちらに共有します:現在、フルスクリーンモードにするためには、1280×768 x 60Hz に対応している必要があります。
Dylan Jun 18 @ 8:29pm 
This game is awesome and I hope it gets a patch that supports 1920x1080 (maybe even 1080x1920 for people like myself that keep the monitor vertical most times.) Right now it displays at 1280x800 and leaves a thin black bar around 3 edges of the monitor which isn't ideal.
clawjelly Jun 15 @ 9:58am 
I'm trying to get this game running on my arcade system, which only supports 640x480. So far without success. It always jumps into a bigger resolution, which only produces crap on the screen :( Is there no way to force the game into a certain resolution?
iaspis Jun 14 @ 8:08am 
Sometimes when playing, the controls get stuck in one direction permanently and it only gets fixed by quiting the game. It happens only when using the keyboard, not the gamepad. I remember also this happening in the doujin version of CC. Can you look into it please?
Tyjet Poison Jun 11 @ 8:26pm 
Pressing shot+laser+break during the first half of time attack mode will reset the stage. Can there be a fix?
mennch Jun 11 @ 5:14am 
JINGLEBOOTYACTION2K15 Jun 10 @ 11:50pm 
Any chance for 4:3 or 5:4 support?
iaspis Jun 10 @ 8:19pm 
Is there going to be a fix for the keyboard controlling both players in tag mode? It would be great if we could just select keyboard or controller for each player.