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A new version is now available on both branches. These are the changes:

-On 'Fields of Tau Ceti' there are now 3 specialized start expeditions with loadouts and start locations suited for 3 different activities: Farming, Hunting and Fishing. (Select by going to CUSTOM settings, else it will be randomly selected at game start.)
-Fertilizer is now needed to keep farm plots productive after growing a number of crops. Two types can be used: Compost or guano.

-A specialized tool, the turnip cracker, is now required for butchering the armored turnip animal. Turnip flesh is now edible by humans.
-Turnip hut is now built where the animal was killed via a special action on the shell item. The shell is too heavy to move.
-Changed the landscape around the river to give more room for different camp sites. Also added more fish around the river.
-Rebalanced many food item sizes and nutrition profiles.
-Smoking meat/fish is now done in larger batches.
-Kitchens can now store items such as food and tools used in cooking.
-Cooking pot will now 'contain' the stew and other cooking products that are made with it.

-Food item tooltip now lists the satisfied daily needs under the NUTRITION heading.

-Fixed a crash that happened when an item was consumed.
-Improvement to production to make it more resilient if something happens to the input materials.
-Fixed a bug so that the new iron arrows can be used with the bow.
-Animation fixes.
-Dog can no longer gather stones and check the fish traps.
-The armored turnip animal can now only be killed with firearms (characters will no longer try to kill it by kicking it).
-The fish weir will now also catch fish.

-Removed music in the Tutorial because of the many stop/starts from the event screens.
-Changed the music tracks on the Fields of Tau Ceti map.
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