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Hi all, we just updated the default branch with these changes (most of which have been available on the TEST branch):

MAGNIFICATION (Graphics setting)
We've often heard that the graphics appear small on certain screens such as high-res laptop/desktop screens or for those who prefer to sit far from their screen. For those players we now provide a graphics setting to magnify the whole game window, making everything bigger. You access it through the Options panel in the game menu, then restart. Seen in this image:

For a high-res laptop screen, we suggest setting it to 1.25X magnification.
See more information in the Screen Resolution post.

-Improved eating: Characters will now select food items with a nutrient distribution that more closely matches the need. Also, they will now choose additional food items if needed in order to fill up completely.
-Fixed a crash that happened if Steam doesn't initialize correctly. Now, the game will work, but without new Steam achievements being logged. In this case a warning message is now shown on the title screen.
-Made a bug fix so that characters trapped on islands now have a better chance of escaping
-Added a timer for hauling tasks that can give precedence to those tasks that have been waiting for a long time.
-Fixed an issue where characters would turn around and walk back to pick up a weapon after walking to an item that needed to be hauled.

-Looking forward to your feedback. Happy holidays!
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