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Quake Live Update v1069

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Mr. Krillin 30 авг в 16:50 
If you run a dedicated server through steam you need to stop what you are doing and learn what a REAL dedicated server is. Here is a HINT. GUI NOT INCLUDED
Stark 27 авг в 5:06 
can't open on steam a game :/
rip game 2016
macanah-fwls- 22 июл в 8:31 
can u add voting for powerups so u can vote to turn quad off etc. and auto lock teams in tdm
macanah-fwls- 22 июл в 4:16 
besthesda can you bring back planetquake? maybe get some1 to take over as admin
macanah-fwls- 11 июл в 2:54 
can you change it so you dont need steam running to run dedicated server?
Munchz 18 июн в 13:08 
add me for duels
^2oso^7|^forchan2014 17 апр в 18:43 
where is the update?
Appleseed 8 апр в 0:03 
Can you add an option to remove/change the deadbody sound? The current sound is terrible, a total immersion-breaker. I won't play this game till this is changed.
sQn 13 мар в 14:40 
Just paid for it and game does not run like before actually nobody playes online and no servers avaible I want money back !!!!!!