Version 1.1 Update

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shaun Aug 2 @ 11:24am 
Not yet, we arre waiting for the official udk sdk update for official compatibilty with dk2.

There are updates as well as free content. Look out for the next free content - Halloween special. More to come and 3 DLCs (1 is free)

Kylowe Aug 1 @ 3:07pm 
DK2 Support??
ScubaSteve3465 Jul 29 @ 1:37pm 
Wow i think after the next update im going to grab this game. It looks and sounds pretty darn fun. Anyone have a coupon for this game though? I know Pixel Piracy has 15% off coupons and it would really help me out. Also to the Devs, im wondering if your planning on adding anymore content or features to the game or if your just polishing and fixing what you currently have in place?