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LeGrudge + Rugged

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KRUNCH is part of this week's Humble Weekly
Thanks to our pals over at Devolver Digital, KRUNCH is part of the "Oh Man, You Should Totally Check That Game Out!" Humble Weekly Bundle!

Pay what you want. Support charity. Totally get seven sweet games:
Humble Bundle[]

Trading Cards are now available for KRUNCH!
We teamed up once again with the supremely talented Two Bit Art[] and she delivered 6 awesome renditions of our Krons to grace the cards. Go grab yours and please spread the word.

Build 111: Bug Fixes + Improvements
  • All Kreb Collection Achievements unlock properly now.
  • Leaderboard are now accessible from the Title Screen.
  • Level Select Leaderboards are now tracked in milliseconds:
    • All Level Select Leaderboards have been flushed
    • NO WORRIES: your best times will be uploaded the next time you play that level :)
  • A weird bug that would prevent the game from launching on OSX is now fixed.
  • Pressing K now self-destructs properly.
  • A few behind the scenes bugs have been squashed.
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