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Play the role of Raga, lizard pet of the famous wizard. Save your master and defeat Death in this procedural death labyrinth!

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This update brings some cool new changes to A Wizard's Lizard! Most notably, we've improved the dungeon layouts in terms of the paths through each level and special room placement.

Additionally, this update includes a few bug fixes, including some potential fixes for Mac stability! If you have any feedback on Mac performance, please let us know.

Don't forget, we're Kickstarting a sequel to A Wizard's Lizard! Please help us spread the word!

Full 2.5.0 Patch Notes:
  • AWL2 Kickstarter CTA on Title screen
  • Locked chests and doors now describe the key required when interacting
  • Improved dungeon layouts: More interesting room connections, and later floors are smaller, in general
  • Certain special rooms are now zone wide. For example, the blueprint vendor in the Cemetery can appear on any floor
  • New room types which may contain rewards or danger!
  • Pentacles appear on every floor
  • Shops are now randomized such that each shop has a chance to sell either items or health, or offer gambling
  • Gambling shops are now staffed by killable merchants
  • The Feather of Flying can now be found in chests and shops
  • Removed the Feather of Flying from Luna's unlock quest
  • The "merchant" in Amberfall now sells one of many different items, cheap!
  • Improved AI for Hive Totem bees and Soul Call dragon familiar (Monsters are prioritized over barrels and immune targets are ignored)
  • Buffed Soul Call dragon familiar's damage output
  • Allow gamepad analog input to scroll achievements list
  • Slightly reduced drop rate of fruit in the Cemetery
  • Updated frameworks for performance/stability

Previous patch notes

A couple of things to note:

If you encounter a "Disk read error" when downloading the patch for Mac, please uninstall the game by right clicking on the game in your library and selecting "Delete local content". Then, reinstall the game.

Unfortunately, we're experiencing some issues with the Steam overlay on Linux. For this reason, the Linux version of AWL is still at 2.4.0. We're working to get this resolved and get 2.5.0 to Linux ASAP. The good news is that we're also making progress on other Linux issues as well.
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