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The last few weeks we’ve been quietly working on new models, features and fixing issues that have come to us from the community. We now have plans to release an extension product to the TGW series. More details and an official announcement will be made in the weeks ahead. In the meantime we are offering some of these new assets and game features to the current user base. This update gives you a new Hungarian Unit model set, Mexican revolutionary models for the Federales, Villistas and Zapatistas plus updated Chinese Units.

As we go forward with this new project, regular updates and improvements will continue to be made on the current game. We see TGW as a platform to expand upon and evolve.

Release Notes listed here:

- Added ability for specified nations to use their military models when recruiting troops from specified nationalities. For example, Polish, Czech, - Slovak, etc. units in Austro-Hungarian Army use Austro-Hungarian Uniforms
- Coastal batteries now fire at any adjacent enemy ship instead of just in response to coastal bombardment
- Added content mechanic to reduce region MPUs at game start to simulate losses from ongoing wars
- Revised access treaty so Military Access can be reduced from full Military Access to just Port Access
- Set government type before independent status in subordinate revolt
- Add a subordinate's controlled regions to their master's pre-war region list on subordinate revolt
- Fixed a bug with the Turn Timer
- Added Coastal Defense costs to Spending
- Fixed bug where subordinates could annex a master's claim
- Some System Cleanup to help reduce issues with older mods as the main game evolves
- DirectX sound fix

- Accept/Offer diplomatic relations AI now use the same evaluation
- Revised establish relations AI
- Added extra evaluation for military power for subordinate revolt and made subordinate revolts harder

Scenario Content
- New Mexican Revolution Models for Mexican Federales, Villistas and Zapatistas
- Revised Chinese Militia and Assault Troops
- New Hungarian Model Set
- New event script: TriggerFormMilitaryAccessAgreement
- New Belgian Liberation event

- Fix some tooltip errors with building city buildings and factories
- Fixed bug and MapView that could show nations as having port access when they don't

- Add region totaled ideology objects to nations that don't have any
- Fixed bug setting a nation's civilization template
- Fixed bug editing nation research
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