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Armed and Gelatinous Kickstarter!

That's right folks, we've launched a brand new crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter for our upcoming console party game, Armed and Gelatinous!

Please click the link below to check out our video and campaign story!


Armed and Gelatinous is directly connected to Influent's future success and we would appreciate it if you guys would take a look at our campaign video and consider becoming a backer.

We would also greatly appreciate if you would post the link to our campaign on Facebook or Twitter as it will greatly help us reach our audience!

If you would like to see future updates for Influent, we as a company will be able to deliver new environments and new languages if our new game is successful and Kickstarter is the best option available to us as an Indie StartUp in California.

Please remember that even if you aren't able to Invest, please consider sharing our campaign with your friends and family and on your favorite social network.


<3 Rob @ Three Flip Studios

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