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Have you heard? We released a completely FREE, standalone Broforce/Expendables spinoff called Expendabros!

Go get it right now, for free, on Steam!

We were approached by Lionsgate a few months ago with the idea of doing a Broforce/Expendables mashup. It's worth mentioning that this was tie-in was unpaid, just a fun collaboration between two like-minded parties. We got to hear Dolph Lundgren say Broforce!! We're sure you guys can understand that it would have been sacrilegious for us NOT to follow up on such a great opportunity. Special thanks to David Edwards from Lionsgate for putting all this into motion and letting us get away with smashing Mel Gibson's face into a bloody pulp.

Due to the work we've been putting in on Expendabros, there will be no Broforce update this month. We hope that you will enjoy playing the Expendabros while we work towards integrating the new content and systems we've created into Broforce. While we won't including the Expendabros characters in the official campaign for Broforce, we will likely re-use some of their mechanics such as Toll Broad's dragon breath shotgun and Broctor Death's badass combat system in future bros.

We also used the Expendabros as an opportunity to experiment with some storytelling techniques, such as the ingame scripted sequences, cutscene images and minigames, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on those. We're also quite excited to see what our players will be able to come up with in custom levels once we release these and other improvements made to the level editor, and as we work towards including Workshop support for Broforce levels. The forest and warehouse/industrial themes will also be making their way to Broforce shortly and will allow us to increase the length of the current Broforce campaign.

P.S. We will be at Gamescom! Come say hi! We have a booth with Devolver and at the Indie Megabooth.

P.P.S you should totally go see the Expendables 3 movie.
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