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The latest update to Broforce includes two new lightning wielding bros of Lambertian origin, the immortal Brolander and thunder god Broden, each with their own attacks and special moves.


Tactical missions far behind enemy lines... with a single bro. Players can test their Broforce knowledge in these missions and maybe learn a couple tricks in the process.


All bros now have access to new tactical items like All-American Supply Drops™, alien pheromones to distract xenomorphs, and performance enhancing drugs for that extra little boost when the odds are against them.


The Freedom EP - a five-track album of Broforce music including The Ballad of Rambro and the Broforce theme song - is available for free as part of your Broforce purchase.

You can also purchase the whole Broforce soundtrack produced by Jo Ellis and Deon van Heerden, containing no less than 55 tracks for $4.99...and no, that's not a typo. The soundtrack proceeds go to the musicians, so not only are you investing in some ridiculously cool music, you're also helping said starving musicians to keep making said awesome music.

Featuring the Broforce theme song by Strident, ultra-patriotic tracks The Ballad of Rambro and The Star Spangled Banner, massive percussion ensemble level music, power metal stings and epic hybrid scoring boss battles, this is the sound of a vinyl needle dragging over a disk made of pure testosterone.

It also includes a ton of bonus tracks, such as music from the (mumble mumble)-Award-winning Expendables 3 tie-in game, ExpendaBros, the original proof of concept tracks, and that fiddly-fiddly guitar solo that plays at the end of the levels. Hell yeah!

Deon gives us some fun facts about the making of the Broforce soundtrack:

▪ Personnel:
Deon van Heerden (Composition, arrangement, guitars, MIDI programming)
Christian Burgess (Drums and percussion)
Jo Ellis (Production, mix and master. Also bass and additional guitars. And cowboy hat.)
▪ The album's massive percussion tracks were achieved by blending sample libraries with countless layers of live percussion - played by Christian Burgess of Strident - recorded at Jo Ellis' Blue Room Studios, as well as the Ladismith Church Hall.
▪ This live percussion included standard drum kits, anvils, rain sticks, tablas, djembes and Chris' own body. You know, because we could.
▪ The album features none of those amp simulators the kids are using nowadays. These are all Vintage Marshalls, baby. A Super Bass and a JCM800, to be precise.
▪ We used 12 different guitars; partly for a rich, varied sonic experience, and partly (well, mostly) just because we could.


Road to Freedom is the new series that presents a tell-all depiction of independent game development. Set during the final days of Broforce's 3 year development, Road to Freedom provides a frank look into the lives of the people behind the bromance, and delivers their stories in ways as hard-hitting and explosive as Broforce itself.

Episode 6, which will be live in the next two hours, is an epic recount of the final moments to launch. Experience what it was like for us, the Free Lives team, as the clock finally hit zero. If you've missed the previous episodes, you can catch them all on our YouTube channel:


Not sure where to get Broforce merch? Our overlord publishers, Devolver Digital, can sort you out HERE[].

We're also using the services of RedBubble, a global marketplace for independent artists, to bring you some amazing fan made merchandise, as well as our own official merch. Right now we have the Broforce logo available for you to order as a t-shirt, hoodie, mug, sticker and all things brandable HERE[]. We'll be adding more art for you soon.

You can also browse fan made art HERE[], or submit your own!

Below: Turkey bomb, by Vesner in Poland

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