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Hello golfers,

The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, so tell all of your friends that they can grab Vertiginous Golf now while it's 50% off, and then get to work on some multiplayer shenanigans!

Today we're launching an update that makes some minor changes that should help with the difficulty of Vertiginous Golf. We've added a new "see through" effect which makes sure that the ball, club, bird and hole are always visible. This means that your view will never be blocked by obstacles which should help players out of some tight spots.

We've also added a simple aiming guide that will help you line up those long shots. We expect a totally impressive YouTube montage of trick shots any day now. Both the see through effect and aiming guide can be turned off in the Options menu.

Finally, we've added in some code that helps ease the ball into the hole making it slow down. We realised that people were smashing the ball when close to the hole purely by accident too often, and we hope this minor change will put an end to that.

So head to the skies! Keep cool and caddy on.

Steve - Community Manager
1.2 - 12/6/2015
- Added a "See through" effect so ball, club, bird & hole are always visible - replaces auto-correct on camera (option to disable)
- Added an aim guide line for lining up shots (option to disable)
- Added code to make ball fall in hole a little easier
- Re-arranged course menu so story is at bottom and renamed "The backstory"
- Fuel now still recharges when rewind unavailable
- Added new pieces to course creator
- Fixed multiple bugs
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