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Hello golfers!

After the exciting release of our alpha online multiplayer offerings, Paul and Christian have been hard at work tweaking and making changes to the entire game as it stands thus far. These updates have been rolled into today's larger update, which should have some exciting changes for you all to explore.

First of all, we have reworked the tutorial system in an effort to convey the skills you will need to successfully navigate the intricacies of Vertiginous Golf. Instead of having one long hole that gives you a once over introduction, we have spread the tutorial out over a number of holes, each one introducing a new gameplay mechanic that you are forced to use. Even if you are a veteran of our courses, we'd love to hear your feedback on the new system.

Many of you have been asking for this feature, and I'm happy to report that the guys have implemented a previous shot power marker to the HUD! Now you can see exactly how hard you hit your previous shot in an effort to help you judge that mulligan to perfection. There are also some general tweaks to the HUD as a whole, but this is by far the biggest, and best new feature!

We have also changed the layout of some holes. We found that while the sadists among you don't mind losing 328,764,823 shots to a tricky obstacle, it can be a little offputting for those coming into the game for the first time. So now the less advantageous routes have been made a little easier, with a few barriers put up here and there to prevent some of the mishaps that happen along the way. If you want to get the best possible score however, you are going to have to trek down some of the wilder paths on each course, which should provide a nice balance between a calm, relaxing golf game and the "Dark Souls of mini-golf" references we have become known for.


Now that we have a functioning online multiplayer offering, it's time to meet up and have some fun! We're going to be hosting a couple of community battle nights where you can play with the developers (and myself) in the epic battle mode! Considering we are all spread out across the globe, we've got three time slots available.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 11 - 8:00PM - 9:00PM PT (Vancouver)

Log in and battle Christian to the death!


The elusive Paul will be logging onto the servers to deal out some golfing pain!

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 12 - 8:00PM - 9:00PM AEDT (Melbourne)

Think you can beat me? Let's find out!

I've set up the time slots as events on Steam, so if you already own Vertiginous Golf, you should get a notification to remind you to log into your closest region!

Well folks, see you on the greens!

Steve - Community Manager
Changelog v0.62 - 7/11/2014

- Updated power/rewind meter with revised "rewind needed" marker - Added new "previous shot power" marker to power meter
- Moved hole/par/shot info to top right panel
- Added an extra tutorial hole and positioned each tutorial hole between the relevant courses so they introduce game features gradually
- Updated a number of median and classic holes with direction arrows and more forgiving obstacles
- Colour indicators on multiplayer chat window and shop notification panel
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