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Wow, 10 years ago today, four buddies in a dining room shipped the 42nd game on Steam. It’s been a while and we want to do something special for ThreadSpace. We’ve learned a lot about making games since those humble beginnings and want to revisit our old game and update several things. After chatting about it with the old gang, we have a plan in place to work on… a lot of things.

We’re internally calling it ThreadSpace HD+. We’ll need some help coming up with a better name for it. Here’s what we’re planning on doing for it so far:

  • Gameplay redesigned
    • Ship classes themed towards certain play styles (Tank, Support, Assassin)
    • Ships limited to using about 4 projectile types (based on the ship)
    • Streamlined ship movement
    • Aiming redone for simpler controls
    • Deployable projectile complexity reduced
    • Ship Forms built into the ship class
    • Overhauled meta game (leveling, credits, upgrades)
  • Some new maps
  • Updated graphics
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Steam achievements and trading cards

No release date set for it since the team will be working on it in our spare time (we all have day-jobs now). Anyone that owns Hyperbol will get a coupon code (either for a huge discount or a free copy. not sure yet). We’ll have a beta test and possibly put this through Early Access to help us get some visibility and more testers. Since this game will have several features redesigned, it won’t be compatible with Hyperbol. We’ll still keep Hyperbol around, but probably won’t be updating it.

To stay up with the latest news, you can follow our ThreadSpace twitter here:

And if you'd ever like to chat with the devs, we're active on our Discord server here:

- Jason (KungFuMonkey)

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