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The official Steam Group for the mech combat shooter: HAWKEN.

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From the desk of CapnJosh:

Tasks completed since the last update:
  • UI work, particularly at the code level - it's well-done but pretty complex, so it's taking pretty long to digest.
  • Hosting and parent domain updates for additional development environment  In the future, we'll have everything under * rather than *
  • More engine-level work.  DX11 anybody?
  • Updates to the Meteor SDK to support some planned enhancements.
  • Beginning work on the back-end to support better management of mech and weapon stats.
  • Beginning work on 3d model exports and imports.
Upcoming tasks:
  • More UI work
  • Supporting a partner who may make an announcement as early as this week. So keep your Google news alerts tuned to Hawken :)
  • Get the replacement game server host up for Ashburn. The Ashburn host was taken out a earlier than expected, so there will be about a week until the replacement will be ready
  • Start to convert our DEV and Staged environments over to use the * domain scheme
  • Start work on creating new mech platforms  This is the code-level stuff used by new mechs.
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