The first update to the game

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Dodoigo Aug 10 @ 1:04pm 
You should Make It So
-Host can Set Who can Build Besides Them
-Everyone has their own money
chaosshadow289 Aug 6 @ 9:10pm 
does anyone know why when i host a game or my frien host a game we have problems joning like we join but on different areas and the person to join cant figth or isnt there but ccan type and communicate and the host cant end the rounds or continue
Captain Waffles Jul 4 @ 3:43pm 
You can also give a host option where you can let certain players build that will be nice XD
Patrick Jane Jun 25 @ 11:42pm 
Also,it was ridiculous how everyone could share the money before,now it is even more ridiculous how only host can buy's incredible how you didn't think of the most normal thing that is in every single game - everyone has their own money,jusus,is that too hard?

But as long as you keep updating,i guess it will get better for solo,this right now is,i must say,even i love the game,a disaster.

After all,updates are all this needs,keep it up!
Patrick Jane Jun 18 @ 1:28am 
New map!
VG-C | The Speedy Assassin Jun 6 @ 3:01pm 
Please add a choise to let others build incase playing with friends. Also if its possible another map? not loads just one so its a different scenery (sprry if spelled wrong)
Zoey Jun 4 @ 7:35am 
I just got this game last night. So far I'm not liking 2 things. When you run through zombies. They do their whole attack animation and I'm no where near them and I get hit. Once they make their animation they hit you. I also am getting annoyed at despawning items. I run around a giant horde of zombies, barely miss the money or health kit and have to swing all the way around and by the time I get there to pick it up. It despawns on me like nope you can't have this. Maybe for the whole trolling thing. You can split the cash so each person has their own amount to spend so they can get their own guns. That way it wouldn't spend stuff so the other player is screwed. Having one person buy stuff creates a reliance on the host. Having a joint account is who-ever spends first. So split cash system probably would work best for that. I kind of would like to see if this game has more updates. That would be nice.
TheJapaneseDeskFlipper Jun 4 @ 6:57am 
I dunno if its just me, but i'm killing zombies and the animation for dying just isn't happening, they just float. I dunno if anyone is getting it or if there is a reason why I get it but it kinda confuses me when playing when I still think they're alive...
Vash(88) May 1 @ 10:42pm 
This game has a good base to it. Keep it up! )
[RITFSC]60and80 Apr 29 @ 7:12am 
This game bores me *yawn*