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It's the official Steam forums for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball! Race around a dance club / skate park in jet-powered robots and nail each other with exploding dodgeballs.

Come hang out and share feedback, suggestions, tips, whatever!

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One very important fix in this is the problem where new players would get stuck 'Connecting' to multiplayer unless they specifically selected a network region. So if you or someone you know was affected by this, it has been resolved!

  • Added new challenge mode: Pinball. Only wall ricochets count for score, 2 minute time limit.
  • Added new challenge mode: Teamwork. You can't hit enemies and bot teammates can't pick up dodgeballs, so you must pass to them in order to score Assist points.
  • Added rule option: No ball pickups (prevents player from picking up a ball)
  • Added rule option: no bot passing (bots won't try to pass)
  • Added rule option: assist score (Player / Team score increment for getting a KO assist)
  • Added rule option: floors turn balls neutral
  • Added rule option & game modifier: No Power Cube Throws. You can only throw the cube a short distance, removing passing as a strategy in Capture The Cube.
  • Added new rule: no bot boosting

  • Fixed players getting stuck ‘Connecting’ unless they specified a network region
  • Fixed num lives not being set properly if starting new match after resetting a challenge
  • Fixed Arcade mode starting instantly if starting after resetting a challenge
  • Changed ‘local network’ name to ‘custom network’
  • When connected to a Photon Region, shows region name instead of IP address in bottom left of main menu
  • Improved readability of network option drop-down
  • Fixed crash if Steamworks failed to initialize and a player with Items entered your game
  • (probably) fixed issue where Cube Capture would trigger multiple times on pass into capture zone
  • Fixed Grand Prix with time limit showing ‘Finish!’ for all checkpoints
  • Fixed rules with more than one modifier requirement not applying correctly if one of the requirements involved a player type (humans / bots)
  • Many score rules can now be selectively applied to player type (humans / bots)
  • Fixed ESC sometimes failing to close main menu
  • Fixed error where clicking on a player in the players list would break and create a jumbled list of actions
  • (perhaps) fixed issue of players needing to enter dx9 launch option on computers that don't support dx11
  • Fixed non-master-clients having round victory count not updated on round end

I've also been hard at work on adding Dedicated Server functionality - there's a lot to learn and a lot of options to figure out, but hopefully there will be a solution within a few weeks.

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