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It's the official Steam forums for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball! Race around a dance club / skate park in jet-powered robots and nail each other with exploding dodgeballs.

Come hang out and share feedback, suggestions, tips, whatever!

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Hi! I had intended on making .32 the update with all the singleplayer challenges, and did a lot of work towards them, but ultimately there were too many important bug fixes to delay much longer.

The big new feature is Streamer mode, which has been high on my list for awhile. It basically gives the host superpowers in terms of kicking/banning, and gives them control over when the next round and match will start (instead of automatically restarting).

This is critical because it's a lot harder to hold tournaments when the rounds keep autorestarting, and prevents the possibility of a livestream being disrupted by people behaving badly. Not that it's happened yet, but want to avoid it.

Eventually I will also add full team control to Livestream mode, which will help manage teams during tournaments.

Also fixed in this update:

  • Improved Match Settings panel, with help text shown below each option
  • No longer sets a public match as a private match if the host transferred to a player with private match as their stored preference
  • Fixed mouse cursor being hidden if activating Steam overlay in Lobby
  • Fixed powerups carrying through matches if new match started in same level
  • Fixed monster truck tire sounds playing at wrong volume
  • Mixed match settings list from appearing at offset scroll position
  • Fixed 'on fire' and 'extinguish' notifications from being stuck on-screen

But as I mentioned, I have done a lot of work on the new challenges - they're just hidden right now. There's a good chunk of work still to be done, but I'm really excited about their potential and will push them out as soon as I can get them ready. Cheers!
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