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It's the official Steam forums for Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball! Race around a dance club / skate park in jet-powered robots and nail each other with exploding dodgeballs.

Come hang out and share feedback, suggestions, tips, whatever!

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Finally got a chance to add some often-requested features in this one.

Most importantly, you can now select from the servers US West (San Diego) Canada East (Montreal) and South America (Sao Paulo). This will give a much better online experience for players closer to those regions.

You can also now create a 'Playlist' of game modes (or levels). Holding down Left Control will allow you to select multiple items on the match settings menu, and your mates will shuffle between these options.

So if you want to create a room that only cycles between Hoops and Elimination, or whatever number of classic, expert, or custom modes, you can do that!

This also works for powerup pickups. Previously, you could only turn them On or Off. But now you can select which individual powerup pickups you want available in your matches.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed flickering back wall in Aquarium
  • Fixed jetpack remaining on if you switched powerups while using the jetpack boost
    Added ‘5’ score limit option to Hoops
  • Super ball spawn on Octagon moved to middle level
  • Elim hoops - also move hoops closer to forts on Fort to prevent quick wins
  • Attrition, Headhunter, and Elim hoops back in Expert modes
  • Adjusted some textures in Fort
  • Fixed checkpoint formatting in Time Trials


P.S. Make sure to hit 'Follow' on the game's home page to receive notifications of future announcements!
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