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Update v0.8: Trading Cards, public Workshop and more

  • Added Trading Cards to the game! (and smileys/backgrounds/badges)
  • The Workshop is now public and visible even if you don't own the game.

Game changes
  • Added new border decorations for the ground on Running and Flying mode. The reasoning behind this was that the grass was a very high density repeating pattern, scrolling very quickly accross the screen, and it may have an effect on the "motion blur" feeling that some players are experiencing. The new borders are much more streamlined and should feel more easy on the eyes.
  • Added a "zoom-in" feature, you can now select "120%" as zoom value in the General options menu.
  • Slightly shifted light orbs' position towards the ground in Jogging and Running sections, so that it's easier to focus on both orbs and obstacles at the same time.
  • The game will now detect streaks of very low FPS (<30FPS) and suggest at the end of the track to the player to disable Anti-Aliasing or Post-Processing to alievate performances issues.
  • Added new character skins "Uniform" and "Prototype" (a copy of my "Classic Melody" Workshop item)

Interface changes
  • Added "Favorite Folders" to the bottom of the main folders list. This menu choice automatically extracts and lists all the different folders from your "Favorite" tagged files, allowing easy access to your common music folders.
  • Added help tooltips to most options items.

Misc changes
  • New on-disk track caching format, which now stores obstacles and track intensity data directly (and for each difficulty density type) instead of the music audio profile, reducing the size of cache files by a factor of 10. This change greatly speeds up track loading from cache, especially for very long tracks, and solves very rare cases where the cached version had different obstacles than the first "live" analysis, due to floating point rounding issues. All previously cached music files will now need to be re-analysed again.
  • Fixed a potential crash scenario related to manually modified Workshop mods folder names

  • Updated libbass to 2.4.11, which has improved compatibility with recent PulseAudio versions. Hopefully this should fix the audio garbling issues encountered by some users.

Mod Studio (Windows)
  • Fixed the Hair Editor's treeview size when using Windows magnified text size above 100%.
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