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New "Anti-aliasing" (MSAA) option

Disabling AA (in the "Performances" options menu) greatly improves performances on low-end machines (especially on Intel HD GPU laptops), at the cost of jagged edges on long obstacles (please note that this change requires a restart of the game).
If you were previously struggling to run Melody's Escape at 60FPS, you might wanna try to disable anti-aliasing and re-enable backgroud visualizations and/or post-processing (to medium) for the eye-candy effects, as without the antialiasing it might now run smoothly at 60fps!

This option will default to OFF on integrated GPUs. However, the GPU's type can only be detected by the game after that the setting has already been applied, so the first time that you run the game after this update, if the option was auto-set to "OFF" you still need to restart the game for it to take effect!

Effect preview:

Other changes
  • Added a sound menu option to disable the audio preview when selecting a music.
  • Tons of behind-the-scenes changes to the engine to prepare for the Mac and Linux port of the game (coming soon! :) )

    Update Fixed BASS addons for additional formats not being loaded by the music engine
    Update Fixed custom skins not being loaded when restarting the game
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