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Patch update v0.7.4.0: New skin & haircuts + mod editor

Major Changes
  • Added a mod editor/studio. You can now very easilly create your own skins, hairstyles and color themes and edit them all in real-time (Windows only).
  • Added "slow-mo" jumps in running sections, for very specific occurences where the music's energy drastically drops during a few seconds. Those jumps can be identified on the song preview graph by a blue vertical dashed line (note that they are quite rare and mostly found in electro music)
  • Added new hairstyles: "Long Twin Tails", "Short" and "Braided Ponytail"
  • Added new skin: "White Dress"
  • Added new color scheme: "Dark"

Modding Changes
  • You can access the new Mod Editor in the game's installation folder, under the name "ModStudio.exe". I will soon write a tutorial on how to use this tool, but it should be quite simple to grasp the basics if you're already familiar with Melody's Escape custom content creation. The main advantages are real time color editing and texture reloading.
  • Added a "belt" skin element for the character skin (empty on the default skin). This element is drawn above the legs and is tied to the position of the "pelvis" element. You can use it for instance to draw a skirt above the legs
  • Hairlocks are now drawn above the static sprite of a haircut.

Minor Changes
  • Added some noise/dithering to the sky's background gradient, so that the gradient horizontal lines are less noticeable and to get a slightly more gritty visual result.
  • Removed the background gradient in menus screen as it resulted in visible horizontal lines with some color schemes.
  • The flying mode's backgrounds were slightly offset so that they don't intersect visually with the orbs anymore, for better visibility.
  • Hair movement now flow more naturally for all animations where Melody rolls (especially with very long hairstyles where it was too stiff before)
  • Flying mode is now slightly faster and running mode is now slightly slower
  • Multiple changes to the default color palette
  • Fixed folders with a dot "." character in their name being shown as playlists in the music selection menu
  • Fixed scrolling the music list with LB/RB shoulder button (or PgUp/PgDown keys) being able to overflow if the list was small.
  • Removed the "disable dynamic hair simulation" performance option as its cost was quite minimal compared to its high visual quality impact.
  • Fixed fullscreen mode issues when restarting the game on Linux
  • The Mac port is now using universal binaries, which should fix Workshop Skin loading issue that prevented some players from running the game after subscribing to a skin.
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