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Update v0.8.3: Latency Calibration and Smooth Scrolling

  • The camera's (and Melody's) position in time is now based on a smoothed high-resolution timer instead of directly using the playhead position of the music, preventing "choppy" scrolling if the audio driver doesn't allow per-frame precise reading of the track's position.
  • Added an Audio and Video Latency Calibration menu (and test) in the options. You can now fine-tune latency compensation if you are playing on a HDTV or with a delay-inducing sound card (please note that delay compensation will make Melody either pause or "skip" at the beginning of a track).
  • Added an option to switch the art of light orbs to a full circle instead of a partial one (in the "General" options menu)
  • Fixed an issue with the tempo dection algorithm when using a non-MP3 format (FLAC, OGG, etc.) that in some rare occurences might have resulted in problems detecting the correct tempo. All previously "cached" tracks will be re-analyzed once played again.
  • Amplified the default volume of "orbs" and "obstacles" sucess sound effects in "All Sounds" mode.
  • Added a gamepad option to select the desired gamepad device ID (this is useful if you have more than one connected or on some Linux systems where some mouses and keyboards are detected as gaming devices)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load custom Mods with an invalid folder structure.
  • Failing to read a specific sub-folder due to permission issues should not result into an empty folder list anymore.
  • Updated the FNA framework on OSX and Linux (this should improve performances)
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