Update v0.7.1.0

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Bodertz Jun 30 @ 12:09pm 
Could you show both? It's impossible to read the text for me (faded and small, and it moves). Having a specific place that I can choose to look at was better for me.

And sorry for responding so late to this update...

Hopefully my old comment was actually deleted...
Sto3IV May 23 @ 1:05am 
OK, but old flying mode was better, but new more intence. May be you can combine old flying mode and new? For example when in music growing tension and jump, should use old flying mode, and in other cases use new flying mode. How about this idea?
Loïc May 18 @ 2:11pm 
@ Алина:
1. You can disable it in the General options menu.
2. Sorry, right now those debug buttons are hard-coded :/ I'll probably remove them in the future though.
Sto3IV May 17 @ 6:51am 
1. How I can desable text "error" when I lose circle (it irritates me)?
2. In Steam I have sreen button on F2. but when I click on it, I change my skin, hate it! Can you add "change skin button" in options>controls?
(sorry for my english)
zerodarkzone May 7 @ 6:31pm 
cool, this game is really improving
Scatthach May 7 @ 1:20pm 
Dat last line.
D0lneaz May 7 @ 12:59pm 
I like the last line :)