Update Notes - v0.6.0.0

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♥Miyuni♥ 2014年3月6日 0時10分 
I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason the arrow keys have a much harder time hitting notes than wasd. Other than that, the game runs and looks beautiful~
Brokoro 2014年3月5日 20時51分 
Thank you so much for this update!
Love everything about the game!
Only one thing I think could make it better: Linux support.
And hey, with the Steambox releasing this year, it would be good timing to get in on the linux market!
군대 다녀올게요 2014年3月5日 3時21分 
유저가 커스텀 패턴을 만들 수 있게 해주세요
Lapis Lazuli 2014年3月4日 8時59分 
Very nice.
<font face="snap itc">[1987] 2014年3月3日 20時31分 
no entiendo pero quiero ese juego
Konachibi 2014年3月3日 18時43分 
One thing I've noticed, dunno if it's something caused by this patch or not, but some tunes that have a constant progressive sound in the background tend to have long sections holding one button down, it was most noticable when playing Nine Inch Nails - Capital G, where there was a flying section and about 20 seconds of it was just holding the down key as it seemed to focus on the white noise sound in the back of the tune whilst there was still plenty of beats and singing over the top. I guess with some tunes it can't be helped, especially industrial metal which tend to overwhelm everything with lots of background sound effects, just thought I'd mention it... On the other hand, I got to commend you on how well this game picks up the intricacies of many an anime and video game soundtrack tune, it really seems to understand the changes of intensity in Yakuza 3's Fly. :D
Lord Idiot 2014年3月3日 17時14分 
Still getting that blur on my 59.96Hz monitor.... although its not as bad as before, now really only a bit of ghosting on the icons. (don't judge my monitor its great xD)
lunchbagz 2014年3月3日 14時17分 
finally no blur and better hitboxes on the notes :)
SinApps 2014年3月3日 10時41分 
I'd still like to see something done to the constant key presses. My fingers feel like they're on fire whenever I finish a song, even on relaxing.
Saber 2014年3月3日 9時22分 
After the upgrade. FPS when fast running falls to 30((