DreadOut version 1.5.2 Released

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Meth501 Aug 16 @ 3:42pm 
Must... Buy.... Game.... Hnnnnnngh!
FoxMMulder Jul 24 @ 5:12pm 
You guys are awesome. KEEP THE GOOD HORROR ALIVE!
Extiction Jul 21 @ 8:04pm 
GG DreadOut
Rilakkuma | FZ Game Shop Jul 20 @ 7:45am 
i'm waiting for the 32-bit version update then i could play this
TittyMacSwag Jul 14 @ 10:28am 
dunno why this game need 64bits the graphics reminds me of fatal frame 2(with a worse lightning) and work perfectly with 2gb or less...well that doesnt make it a bad game its awesome and i love it ;D just dunno why need 64bits its kinda stupid
swifty07837 Jul 12 @ 5:54pm 
gotta say never had a game thats made me jump and yell out loud before until, that damn kuntilanak, keep up the great work and cant wait for act2 or the ghost hunt dlc! :)
Cyber Madness Jul 9 @ 3:25pm 
Muito obrigado por lembrar de nós....a iniciativa é muito boa
π90 Jul 9 @ 2:00am 
Market and card plz :v
「N.A」 Jul 8 @ 8:42pm 
act 2nya kapan?
-=MGGAR=- Anti Skilled Pony Jul 7 @ 11:55am 
I'm pleased at how much these guys put into their work! Keep doing what your doing! I'm supporting and have some sushi for the costumes you made