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We’ve made over 200 additions to this update between features, bug fixes and improvements. Below is the list of the big hitting items.
You'll see a couple more drops in the next few days which will have tweaks on any issues we see coming up
New Features
• Highland Theme
• New Flags to choose from in Greg Norman Course Designer
• Ability to favourite replays and watch later
• Choice between Metric and imperial measurements
• Heavy Rough slider
• Stableford Tournaments
• New Backdrops for themes
• New Trees
• Added separate green and fairway firmness sliders
• Adjustable Cart Path widths
• Advanced Search Filter on Course list
• Sliders to reduce randomly generated objects like Rocks
• Some new global plants
• Distance Tool (Measuring Tape)
• rain on water splash effect
• Small Optimisations
• Better colliders on stones and rocks
• Drop Ball Improvements
• Tournament Wind improvements (So that directions is also taken into account
Bug Fixes
• Over 150 including
o Flag Marker overlapping the wind marker
o HUD Overlapping
o Ghost Ball Wind issues
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