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*Tour/Tournament stability fixes
*Online stability improvements
*Fixed scorecard/Course Overview yardage discrepancy
*Turn Order fixes
*Rivals Filter improvements
*Course Leaderboards should show stats from rounds played in the current session.
*Course and Tour selection screen improvements
*Reduced main menu loading times
*Improve the create tour flow, got rid of redundant renaming during create a tour.
*Slim down leaderboard function for pc, no more scrolling selection which is unused.
*Fix the lighting for player edit screen for a dark /late day course.
*Add in back button for pause menu when controller is present.
*Fix up the message center through out the game to turn on/off with proper screens.
*Fix up the title disappearing issue with the scorecard screens when displaying scorecard for a while on screen.
*Turn on/Offline mode for pc.
*Fix putting info being blocked by golfer
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