Update + Demo version

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liong777 Sep 1 @ 8:16am 
Steam cloud save please
Goser Aug 14 @ 12:10pm 
ProxyWar May 22 @ 11:49am 
could u guys add steam cloud plz that's the only thing the game is missing tbh :)
Phebus May 15 @ 7:28am 
You won't be able to use the Steam demo, but you can use the demo (even if Dex is also in your library).
D-Wolf May 14 @ 7:21pm 
Cool, free stuff. Too bad I can't get any of it since I already have the game. Any way to get it if youve already owned it for a while?
NiKE2002 Apr 24 @ 5:26am 
Great news, thank you very much for all your work and creating such a great game!! The art-style is almost perfect (always reminds me of "Rise of the Dragon", a title back from 1990). The vision your team had and the love you put in it are clearly visible!

I started playing Dex a long while ago, and i was so fascinated that i'm still holding back to play the entire game. So the Update is a good news for me, one more time.

Thank you again and much respect :)
Burretploof Apr 16 @ 10:17am 
Wow, it's pretty amazing that you're still working on Dex. :) I liked the game a lot and I guess I may have to play it again!
Chuck Apr 6 @ 7:36am 
Glad to see continued support for Dex. Looking forward to buying it again on PS Vita so I can play it on the go.
Fray Apr 5 @ 2:29pm 
What about russian?
so49 Mar 31 @ 6:24pm 
So do those of us who already own the game not get the free pack of rewards since we can't download the demo?