Magicite 1.2.5 Released!

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Conner Grant Sep 24 @ 12:01pm 
Do people still play this in MP? tempted to get it but I don't know
ENDERPANDA25 Sep 7 @ 12:10pm 
riley ill play magicitw with u
a5ive Aug 14 @ 11:05pm 
Voorbips [NL] Aug 10 @ 8:55pm 
Yes it's worth the money, had great fun with it and am awaiting new updates :)
[D2_R]Bringer.of.Doom Aug 8 @ 2:03pm 
Is this game worth the money?
I'm thinking about buying it, but want feedback first.
RILEYTHEGRUNT Aug 8 @ 8:51am 
I wonder when there is gonna be mods to this.
RILEYTHEGRUNT Aug 7 @ 8:27pm 
if someone wants to play on magicite with me comment me :)
RILEYTHEGRUNT Aug 7 @ 8:26pm 
scourges hit like a boss!
Flinko Aug 4 @ 12:39pm 
Flying enemies hitting through platforms and walls in multiplayer still seems to be a small issue. Also, strange glitch with doors now. If playing with two players, and both players enter a door at the same time, one player will see the next district, completely skipping the town, and another will see and be restricted by a town/level hybrid. A similar problem happen where I believe we both entered the door at the same time, and my friend had the scourge chasing and killing him in town while myself and another friend saw nothing but him dying and being pushed around. Seen here:
Other than that, love the balancing that's been going on
Necrmyx Aug 3 @ 4:12pm 
When i opened magi cite i had nothing everything was gone pls help