Magicite 1.3 Released!

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Yamashita Oct 3 @ 9:08am 
Make those flying heads in the Scrouge lairs easier maybe? Makes it hard to get pass even with laser crossbow and mining crystalite and maybe more harder levels after beating Scrouge. Maybe storyline that he happen to survived after u beat him or his friends or family avenges him or he strikes back again and add tons of new weapons and amour in too =D
Wolfpup87 Sep 29 @ 3:54pm 
Maybe a tiny dragon that spawns floating up high somewhere in each level. It flies around really fast, looking all adorable, and when you attack it, nothing happens at first, but in the next level a giant dragon is chasing you. It would attack with fire, ice, maybe a razor leaf attack, etc, depending on the biome it spawns in. It could rarely drop a special item, maybe a staff or a shield, that has the power the dragon had
Durbz Sep 25 @ 10:55pm 
you could even add a bear hat that gives you the same melee base swipes as long as your holding nothing.
Durbz Sep 25 @ 9:39pm 
a new boss... a big bear that runs up to you then swipes with its claw and maybe retreats at low hp. you could but it in any nature type biome. a fun new race idea... a crystal type creature that has a few points in defense maybe =)
PainIsPrejudice Sep 23 @ 2:12pm 
Monster Idea. A purple floating slime in the cave biome. Kind of like the glow worms you find in caves.
Dark Templar Sep 22 @ 10:06pm 
When is next update? My idea for a monster: A very rare spawning Sean which will give the player one wish. ( have random presets that do waht a gene does so if you dont be specific it will screw you)
Paul Sep 22 @ 8:15am 
Would love to see this "Workshop" compatable, think of all the content people could be adding, races & characters, weapon packs, armor packs, themed maps (Biomes)

Would also like to see a seperate game mode maybe with quests to do, save points in towns, and a deeper story mode, not that I don't love the arcade rogue like mode ofc, I would just love to see MORE!
TURBOTY Sep 21 @ 9:28am 
a giant saber tooth tiger?
xSpekkien Sep 21 @ 7:08am 
I don't really care what you add, as long as it's content, and keep updating it, new places to go, maybe checkpoints? Be able to select your stats, because you can retry an infinite amount of times anyway. Awesome game!
VexedHaze Sep 20 @ 10:36am 
"Corrupt Adventurer"

The soul of a lost adverturer who has not yet come to know his demise that has befallen him. Even though his body has decayed, his soul still lives on to protect the deep.


"Adept with all weapons."
Uses special attacks similar to those that you gain through unlockable skills only instead of being their original colour, they are surrounded by a purple aura.

His appearance includes a full set of armour similiar to Ironite but instead has cracks in it and vines growing around it. This armour could be a rare drop on death entitled "Ancient Armour."
Starts in a dormant like mode where he is just sitting there. When in range, his eyes glow red and he starts attacking the player.

Wields an Ancient Zweihander which includes all 3 magic elements embued into it!
Huge amount of health.
Huge amount of Damage.

Ancient Armour
Ancient Zweihander
Huge Health Potions


Super Rare in Dungeon Biome.
Uncommon in Scrouge lair.