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I've been hard at work trying to fix a lot of the multiplayer issues some players are having...

... And I think I've finally fixed them! Quick Unity lesson incoming:

You see in the Unity Game Engine, objects use what are called "Network Views" to send data over the internet such as position, rotation, etc.

All network instantiated objects must have a network view in order for connected players to see and interact with them. So objects such as trees, ores, grass, bug catching spots, and even enemies all have network views.

And on these network views, you can select a component of the object to constantly watch and update over the network. HERE'S THE BUG: For every object in the game, including NON-MOVING objects, I was constantly sending their positions and rotations over the internet. Every. Tree. And. Ore... All of those objects do not need to be constantly sending data to connected players, so I disabled all of that!

So that has been fixed, and multiplayer should see a huge improvement in 1.6.

All this week I'll be fine tuning random stuff, and adding some exciting new items/gear/secrets for you all.

Thanks for your support,

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