Minor Update for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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Mastnosis 7 hours ago 
I have to agree with Dimu. I'm a huge fan of the series, but I have not purchased War of the Chosen as a protest vote. Not incorporating gameplay improvements into the base game is a no-no. They have completely abandoned the original player base. You have to purchase WotC just to get bug fixes for the game. not cool.
Dimu Feb 5 @ 8:51am 
Actually, I speredrun XCOM 2 (vanilla game, no hunters, no War of chosen). And what :
-Crash randomly
-failed first mission without doing it (have a record for this)
-Event steel here after canceled it by a mission (more specifially, the pursuit by UFO, have a record for this too)
-some attack (shots or sword) make dommage but doesn't affect the target (and doesn't kill the target of course)

You make add-on without patched the base game, sorry, but it's just a shame, because all these troubles are here from the beginning of the game and never been patched.
kamenjan Feb 3 @ 4:35am 
Still crashing hard on MacBook Pro W/O any mods :(
gareth_320 Feb 2 @ 7:17am 
be nice if you could fix the mod issues around compatability for which mods work and which dont with WOTC
Rancho Feb 1 @ 7:30pm 
Can you give the Bundle include all the DLCs except the base game,because many owner only had XCOM 2,but buy XCOM 2 Collection will remove XCOM 2,thanks
RotherHans Feb 1 @ 11:24am 
I see Firaxis is still up to its old tricks again.
Toasterbagl Jan 29 @ 9:46pm 
"Fixed crashes related to object destruction."

Can't complete mission due to crashes when a vehicle blows up. Vehicle will kill the avenger if I dont. So.... yeah.
kamenjan Jan 27 @ 4:39pm 
I love the game, but it keeps crashing on my macbook pro 2016 to the point it's unplayable. Could you please have a look at the report. I'm playing War of the Chosen Expansion without any mods.
billymagada Jan 25 @ 4:48pm 
and now my game wont stop crashing everytime I try to launch. Yay.
XPExplorer.com Jan 23 @ 2:36am 
But if you havent played Xcom 2 yet all the way to the finals, then WOTC will be a great game for you without a doubt.