Fall 2017 XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Update Deploys

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A Sinister Ion 10 hours ago 
@Tribblesyx it sounds like you're expecting medkits and such to reduce infirmary time post-mission? I don't think it was ever supposed to work that way. Any damage taken, even if it's healed, that goes past the bonus health you get from armor will require time in the infirmary afterwards
SamBC Nov 18 @ 7:47am 
@Tribblesyx: did you actually select WotC in the launcher?
Tribblesyx Nov 17 @ 10:10pm 
I'm now in my third in-game story "month" but haven't yet reached any WotC class or faction content. Fyi for anyone planning to set aside a weekend to dive into this DLC.

【HP Persistence Issue?】
The HP I healed during missions is being disregarded at the end of the missions. HP bars display incorrectly low when the crew presents themselves back at the Avenger and recovery time is as long as if I had not healed. It seems to happen only if I have loaded one or more autosaves during the mission (whether a symptom or part of the cause, I know not).

My coworker playing WotC hasn't had this problem.
Got me thinking...
It could be interesting to penalize autosave reload by reducing the amount of HP healed, or by increasing the recovery time multiplier, or by giving the player the choice of which of these two penalties to inflict on a per-character basis. Hopefully while referencing a crash log to distinguish between crashes and save scumming.
ErikVeland Nov 8 @ 12:11am 
"Reading the comments I cannot decide if I should be pissed or happy about the patch not landing for Mac yet :D"

I literally just told Feral to hold off for as long as they wanted :P
maltemb Nov 4 @ 1:58pm 
There are still plenty of bugs left.
Kommandør Fireborn Nov 4 @ 12:51am 
Haven't fully tested the effects on "all" mods but, the patch seems to have broken mod usage. Admittedly the cause may be due to me using non-WoTC mods but I have too many custom characters using assets from said mods.
Wolf Oct 30 @ 6:53pm 
"Weapon color defaults to 20 now instead of -1 to prevent mismatched color previews"
Tan mag rifles. Tan plasma guns. So hideous.
tuminoid Oct 29 @ 10:51pm 
Reading the comments I cannot decide if I should be pissed or happy about the patch not landing for Mac yet :D
darkangel_7939 Oct 29 @ 5:54am 
is ther eney one ho haw problom wet cras and start the game is it a comen proplom becors i cant play the gam wet ore whet avt mod
SamBC Oct 28 @ 3:04pm 
The patch released over a week before the sale.