DETAILS: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen’s Covert Actions and a Whole New Strategy Layer

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RambelZambel Aug 17 @ 3:12am 
cdkeys com give it for 30 bucks(€), just found it on google, for all who cry about the 40 bucks(€) on steam
patram81 Aug 16 @ 3:52am 
looks good...Looking forward to playing this DLC, all set for 8/28/2017
2fishy Aug 16 @ 1:06am 
Good stuff. This will play and feel completely different than vanilla.
Hercule Satan Aug 15 @ 8:51am 
So it's like Dark Events but instead of being used by ADVENT to fuck XCOM, it''s used by XCOM to fuck ADVENT... I expect an occasional counter mission where i have an army and they have four people to counter XCOM... Or is that evil?
warkierancollins Aug 15 @ 4:12am 
and plus anyway i still going to get it but it will take time i get gmaes/dlc /stuff useing my pocket money £5 a week
warkierancollins Aug 15 @ 4:11am 
really bigal85 we don,t have creid cards and we do have brains otherwise we won,t be alive
Ah Pook Aug 14 @ 11:38pm 
Or just wait a year and get it for half off.
Hypocrite Aug 14 @ 10:52pm 
preaches paying for content but looks for the cheapest deal on the game so they dont have to pay full price to the Dev
BIGAL85 Aug 14 @ 10:28pm 
If you truly care about a developer and love the games it creates, you'll buy it. Perhaps you'll grown some brain cells and use sites like Bundle Stars or GMG to get it at a discount like I did for both the game and all the DLC it created. It's call the internet learn to use it.
Enthused Nudist Aug 14 @ 2:42pm 
I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it.

But the covert actions are pretty much straight outta LW2. The policy cards are straight outta Civ6. Im 100% sure I'll love it regardless. The prospect of getting hunted by alien assassins and shooting zombies in abandoned cities gets me giddy as a schoolboy, but I gotta agree with all the people complaining about the price tag. Esp cause Im canadian, and $53 is the price of a full game. EW was by far one of the best exps I have ever played, and I know I'll like WoTC, but Firaxis isn't the most generous of devs. Name a single FreeLC. You can't.

I'll still buy it, but people who have issues w/ price aren't wrong.