Free Initiative Selection Update is live!

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Done25 28. heinä, 2014 18.59 
"Why change the free initiative selection?"

Because not being able to tell your guy to wait his turn is annoying yes?
Heshtod 27. heinä, 2014 2.46 
The initiative rules should be like in Shadowrun !!! What do i need a Reflex Booster for when every little mage is as fast as my street Sam :/
FuriousGeorge 23. heinä, 2014 10.22 
So, whats the ETA on final delivery?
Braincat 22. heinä, 2014 9.19 
Why not making it optional?
[PAIN] rAALph SiC 20. heinä, 2014 17.44 
dice roll initiative!!!!!!!!
cdoublejj 14. heinä, 2014 4.55 
do you still have to shoot doors to open them?
donan 12. heinä, 2014 12.48 
does this game already have co-op ?
Formosus 9. heinä, 2014 9.30 
Why change the free initiative selection? Please don't change the game because of a vocal minority. I want to play Shadowrun as Shadowrun. Not Shadowrun as "insert generic MMO"
JPM|NekoRain 8. heinä, 2014 21.50 
the free initiative selection is kind of against the shadowrun ruleset? D: