Free Initiative Selection Update is live!

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Done25 28 jul 2014 om 6:59nm 
"Why change the free initiative selection?"

Because not being able to tell your guy to wait his turn is annoying yes?
Heshtod 27 jul 2014 om 2:46vm 
The initiative rules should be like in Shadowrun !!! What do i need a Reflex Booster for when every little mage is as fast as my street Sam :/
FuriousGeorge 23 jul 2014 om 10:22vm 
So, whats the ETA on final delivery?
Braincat 22 jul 2014 om 9:19vm 
Why not making it optional?
[PAIN] rAALph SiC 20 jul 2014 om 5:44nm 
dice roll initiative!!!!!!!!
cdoublejj 14 jul 2014 om 4:55vm 
do you still have to shoot doors to open them?
donan 12 jul 2014 om 12:48nm 
does this game already have co-op ?
Formosus 9 jul 2014 om 9:30vm 
Why change the free initiative selection? Please don't change the game because of a vocal minority. I want to play Shadowrun as Shadowrun. Not Shadowrun as "insert generic MMO"
JPM|NekoRain 8 jul 2014 om 9:50nm 
the free initiative selection is kind of against the shadowrun ruleset? D: