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In a simultaneous release, Kerberos Productions has unveiled new DLC for their two most recent games, Sword of the Stars: The Pit and Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders. As both feature the alien Tarka race it was only natural to call this Tark Week!

Ground Pounders: Tarkan Campaign adds a third army faction to the tactical, multi-platform, strategy wargame. Besides the new army and vehicles, the DLC adds new battle cards and SotSdex entries.

“Ever since the Tark appeared as opponents in the original release of Ground Pounders, fans have been asking for a full campaign where they take control of this unique warrior race.” Said CEO and Design Lead, Martin Cirulis. “This Tarkan expansion is the first step in representing all the races of the SotSverse on planetary battlefields!”

Get the Ground Pounders: Tarkan Campaign here!


Ground Pounders: Tarkan Campaign lets players control a third faction, the Tarka Imperial Army. Seen as an AI opponent in the base game, the Tark army is now comprised of dozens of different unit types. You will lead your ground pounders across a variety of worlds, increase their experience levels and abilities over the course of two campaigns, and use them to unlock special action cards that can add special effects to single-player games, or to up the stakes in your cross-platform multi-player battles.

  • Control a third army from the Sword of the Stars universe – The Tarkan Imperial Army!
  • Whole new campaign to play through, comprised of 19 battles!
  • New units covering land, sea, and air!
  • New battle cards!
  • Enjoy a SotSdex filled with new Tarkan Lore details on famous units, personalities, battles and weapon systems
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