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A Demonstration of the Nitrous Engine and AMD's Mantle API

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Nitrous is a next-generation game engine designed to handle enormous amounts of visual and gameplay complexity, from 10,000+ simpler units to 1,000 highly complex units and environments. Star Swarm uses this engine as a technical demonstration of what upcoming 64-bit games will be able to accomplish using both Direct3D and AMD's Mantle APIs.

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Oxide Games has released a new update for their Star Swarm stress test today on Steam. Changes include:

  • Fixed full screen mantle mode. Before it was actually a full screen window, now it gets exclusive full screen ownership similar to D3D. This will increase the performance of Mantle in Full screen mode to be in line with what D3D is doing.
  • Added some expiremental Mantle optimizations. We are starting to see the command processor on the GPU become saturated, so we have added an expiremental feature to minimize the GPU command processor. This addes a bit of CPU overhead but increases perf up to 15% in some cases.
  • Updated Nitrous engine to current build. Among the improvements, load times will be much faster after the initial load. Star Swarm is a good test for our unannounced upcoming title.
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