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Patch Notes 1.1.13 8/13/2014

Today's patch is focused on additional quality of life improvements, balancing tweaks, and bug fixes. Additionally, we have been working on improving our AI for practice battles.

  • Re-vamped the Info Panel UI so that you can quickly see enhancements, buffs, and ability range/cooldown on selected soldiers and heroes without having to use the view card button.
  • Added in-game reporting. We will no longer try to open your computer’s default Email client when you hit the report button.
  • Spawn tiles have a wider drag-n-drop range.
  • Added a Save Deck tutorial to guide players back to the games page after adding a card.
  • Additional AI improvements
    • Bots will now deploy units last
    • Bots will try to defend their spawn points
    • Bots will spend gems to purchase extra cards and extra AP when needed
    • Various bot fixes

  • Multiple maps tweaked for balancing for player 2.
  • Feed can no longer target Heroes
  • Briarwood
    • Reseed - cost decreased to 4
    • Fertilize - cost decreased to 3
    • Forest Bounty - cost decreased to 4
    • Rampager - cost increased to 11 (rating increase for Rampage)
    • Glimpse - cost reduced to 2
    • Make Haste - cost reduced to 6
    • Cleansing Pulse - cost reduced to 5
    • Frenzy - cost reduced to 3
    • Propagate - cost reduced to 5
    • Mind Control - cost reduced to 7
    • Whirlpool - cost reduced to 6
  • Stonehold
    • Re-enforce: Cost reduced to 5, grants +200 HP’s to target shrine
    • Paladin Blade now grants +10 DAM, an additional +25 vs embercult
    • Runeshaper: Clone ability is now an activated ability - range 10
    • Hammer Smash cost reduced to 5
    • Build Construct - now grants 2 AP along with your Groggle deploy
  • Embercult
    • Bloodboil now has CD -2
    • Transfer Life: Can not target incorporeal soldiers. Only heals soldiers.
    • Siphon cost reduced, now heals a static 100 HP’s
    • Warlock Staff - Equipped soldier needs to deal killing blow for it to trigger
    • Regen now only heals 35 to dragons
    • Undead Ranger increased to 14
    • Soul Eater cost increased to 12 (rating increase for consume_essence)
    • Berzerker cost increased to 17 (rating increase for Rampage)
    • Crypt Lord cost increased to 18 (rating for Soul Powered increased)
    • Crypt Lord can no longer Cull possessed units
    • Soul Eater’s Consume ability now only grants +5 Dam, +1 Def, +15 max HP’s for each trigger.
    • Castigate cost reduced to 5
    • Summoning Ritual - cost reduced to 7

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed range on Whirlpool
  • Make Haste now correctly gives Rush with movement 2 to newly spawned units instead of Encourage which gave full movement +5 DMG Buff
  • Stasis now correctly defined as spell and will trigger Spell Seal Totem.
  • Angel Wings now shows up in checklist
  • Warlock now triggers his “pain and gain” ability from attack damage only
  • Haunted Mine Fixed
  • Block no longer gives TurtleBuff
  • Added blocker to prevent movement before DeathSplosion triggers
  • Added blocker to prevent second attack while Shadow Amulet is triggering.
  • Skull Head staff no longer triggers when killing a skeleton.
  • Fixed issue where source was not correctly being set during Spells that cause death. Ex: DreadMaw’s could attack a unit, then you could cast
  • Incinerate and DreadMaw’s Baffle would incorrectly trigger. This is now fixed.
  • Stacking re-enabled on Death & Decay
  • Knocking back a unit who is holding a grenade no longer does AOE damage when they are knocked into a unit.
  • Ambush will no longer stop a unit on an invalid tile.
  • Fixed visual glitch when Living Ooze attacks.
  • Octopi Blade now correctly works with Possessed units

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