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11/20/2014: 1.1.18

Greetings all! This is a pretty big patch that we have been working on and we are very excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Soldier Level Changes
All soldier levels have been reset and any prior experience gained has been granted back to you in the form of tokens. These tokens will allow you to re-level your soldiers however you deem fit. Cards now increase in cost at each level to insure the game is balanced for new and old players alike.

Reward Changes
Rewards have changes from quantity to quality. They accrue in-game on the left-hand side of the screen rather than popping up and interrupting each turn. Gold and experience are given immediately. Other rewards are shown as cards of three different qualities (parchment, leather, metal). These rewards are given at the end of the game. Additionally, you now get bonus rewards at the end of the game for killing the enemy’s hero and shrine.

In general, the idea with the new reward system is to grant more gold, with components and cards being rarer, but more exciting rewards. Getting a metal reward is sure to be something good.

8 New Units
The Autumn Pack allows you to receive two new cards for each faction as well as two neutral soldiers. These cards can be viewed in the store or under Expansion 2 in the Card List.

Hero Deck Changes
The first three Heroes (Daggan, Declan, Skorn) still come with 30 card starter decks and are earnable by leveling up to levels 3 and 6. The remaining Heroes are now cheaper and no longer come with starter decks.

  • Added ability to move/attack in one click. Your unit will move into range and attack in without requiring a second click.
  • Added ability to click on tiles for more information. Resource tiles will say how many gems you will gain. Trap tiles will say how much damage will occur. Spawn tiles will say if they are capturable or not.
  • Soldiers now play animations when viewed on the cards.
  • Screen resolution is now auto-selected rather than popping the dialog on launch. Holding Option when the game is launching will allow you to access the resolution dialog screen.
  • Friendly games now grant turn rewards!
  • Fusion page now displays what stats will change when a card is upgraded.
  • You can now click on your cards and view their stats during the mulligan stage.
  • New background music! Each hero has their own unique background sound track which is played during their turn.
  • Added hash marks to the in-game health bars at 25%, 50% and 75% to easily recognize if you can cast spells like incinerate (which is now set to 25% or below).
  • A small popup will now display when a unit uses an ability
  • The default view is now slightly more zoomed in. You can change views (including returning to the more zoomed out view) but using the zoom button in the lower right corner to toggle through zoom levels.

  • Action Points have been removed from the game. With the added resources they seemed less important to the late game so we are going to experiment without them as they may be unneeded complexity.
  • Building a mine now takes a unit’s attack (Similar to breaking a mine).
  • Totems:
    • You can only have 1 of any type deployed on the battlefield at one time. If you deploy a 2nd of the same totem while the 1st is still on the map, the first totem will be destroyed.
    • Furnace totem now has a range of 7
    • Decay totem now has a range of 6 and effects soldiers only
    • Fire Totem has a range of 6 and effects soldiers only
    • Orchid Totem now has a range of 7
  • Skirmisher: disarm removed, counter added - cost increased
  • Necromancer: disarm removed, tribute undead added
  • Green Dragon: disarm removed, tribute treefolk added
  • Mountain Trapper: disarm removed, pickpocket added
  • Destroy now only returns 75% of the destroyed soldiers casting cost
  • Dreadmaw cost increased
  • Incinerate changed to target enemy soldier with 25% health or less. Cost reduced by 1.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a resource bug which could cause extra resources to be in the bank the following turn.
  • Fixed a resource bank issue in extended matches that caused spells like Mana Leak to subtract resources twice.
  • Sleight of Hand now correctly triggers only on Hypnotize.
  • Chain Lighting no longer bounces off of totems.
  • SharedPain factors in the unit’s defense before distributing damage.
  • Charge should now trigger abilities that fire on attack.
  • You can no longer break a mine and then charge.
  • The battle log now correctly shows the amount your opponent spent on drawing cards on the 2nd and 3rd card they drew.
  • Tangle now disables move rather than setting it to 0.
  • Jumping over lava pits no longer takes extra move points.
  • Propagate will no longer spawn units with the level of the hero. They will be level 1. Same with Gorin's build construct.
  • Pickpocket is fixed for when the attack happens on the opponent’s turn (ambush).
  • Block no longer gives 500 DEF and instead actually blocks any attack as intended.
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