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8/26/2014 1.1.14

In today's patch, we have added some additional improvements to the new player experience. We have also done a number of balance tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Practice Battles
    • Added three additional practice battles for the new heroes from Expansion 1
    • Made some additional AI improvements
    • Re-enabled the "first match" quest. This is a simulated game against a bot to order to help new players learn to play.
  • Added additional constraints to prevent new users from quickmatching with experienced players.
  • Deck selection during matchmaking will happen automatically if you only own 1 deck.
  • You can now exit Extended Matches.
  • Hero Resource Bank grows from 10 to 15 once the Hero Transcends.

Balance Changes
  • Player 1 now gets 5 cards to start instead of 6. Player 2 continues to get 7 cards.
  • Briarwood
    • KRAK - Barkskin changed. “Treefolk you control gain +2 DEF and +5 DAM and are healed for 50 HP's.” cost decreased to 6
    • Tadpole Staff - cost decreased to 3
    • Fireproof Band - cost reduced to 3
    • Shadow Amulet - cost reduced to 5
    • Thorn Band - cost reduced to 4
    • Range on Lifeguard fixed
  • Stonehold
    • Buliwyf - Storm range decreased to 2
    • Shield - cost reduced to 5
    • Staff of Knowledge - cost reduced to 3
  • Embercult
    • Skull-Head Staff - cost reduced to 5
    • Poison Dagger - cost reduced to 6

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with MindControl that could cause it to not function if you tried to cast it on the turn that your Hero dies.
  • Daggan AI’s chain lightning now correctly hits all three targets and shows visual effect.
  • Fixed issue where cards were not unselecting in the hand when clicking on the map.
  • Fixed transfer life.
  • Chat / Combat log no longer minimized unnecessarily.
  • Added additional safety nets to prevent Quickmatch games from getting out of sync.
  • Added additional information to our loading games report error e-mails to help pinpoint loading issues.
  • Angel wings added to Card List Page… we mean it this time.
  • Empower fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Scavenge Demon effect would not properly show on the correct targets
  • Fixed an issue where Lich would get added to Graveyard and back into Deck and could lead to dupes if combined with Unearth.
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