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As the end of the year approaches we want to take a minute and look back at how far Conquest as come and thank you guys for your continued support. It has been amazing and we look forward to seeing where you guys steer us next as we continue to work towards an official launch.

With your guidance and feedback we have seen the following changes/improvements:

Over doubled the number of cards available, including our recently added neutral faction cards!

- What pay walls? Everything in the game is now completely earn-able. In fact, just by leveling to level 6 you will be awarded all 3 faction. No longer are the days where you had to choose one without knowing anything about them.

- Added support for multiple decks per Hero to allow further customization and exploration.

- Simplified and sped up the game. Removed the hero resource bank, removed Action Points, limited maps to 1 shrine, and tweaked gameplay to discourage turtling. Quick Matches now complete in 27 minutes on average.

- Added many more ways to earn cards and rewards such as the Player Leveling System, Daily Rewards, Quests, Achievements, and even an improved in-game reward system.

- Fair Fusion! We addressed the complaint that the game was pay/grind to win due to leveling cards. Now each level upgrade caused the unit’s gem price to increase which makes it fair to new and old players alike. Today we also enabled a feature to allow players to downgrade their cards in exchange for experience tokens which allows for even more customization of decks.

- We’ve overhauled our matchmaking and ranking systems so you will no longer get stuck in unfair matches and players are no long able to game the leaderboard.

- Improved graphics! We’ve added new map backgrounds and have completely overhauled our UI throughout the game since our Early Access release.

- Not to mention a ton of smaller features and improvements such as Skins, Taunts, Hero Leveling, resolution picker, additional sound tracks, and so many fixes/balancing that it would make your head spin.

We have plenty left to do though! Please continue letting us know what we need to fix as we prepare this game for an official launch. Besides general feedback you can also help us design future cards through our Community Card Design Contests:

And you can get involved with Player initiated tournaments:

Here is to making Conquest the best game possible in 2015!
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