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10/16/2014 1.1.17

This latest patch brings some pretty significant changes to how the gems work in game. Resources now accumulate each turn and are not lost at the end of the turn. Transcending is now an activated ability and can be used after 2 turns (provided you have the resources for it). Please let us know what you think of these changes and let us know if you encounter any issues.

  • Resource Changes
    • We have changed the resource system so that you keep gems that you accrue across turns.
    • There is now a limit of 50 gems in your resource bank.
    • Transcending is now an activated ability with a 2 round cooldown. The cost has been increased to 15.
    • You can spend gems to get extra cards and extra AP up to 3 times per turn. The cost increases with each use.
    • Hero abilities spend gems from the normal resource bank rather than from a specific hero bank
  • Overhauled the in-game UI to make things more intuitive and user friendly.
  • Completed achievements as well as achievements that have progressed are now shown in the game over and turn submitted windows.
  • Improved many aspects of the tutorial.

Balance Changes
  • Activated Hero abilities have a 2 turn cool down
  • Hero Epic ability cost changes:
    • Chain Lightning: 12
    • Build Construct: 8
    • Lightning Storm: 10
    • Assail: 8
    • Barkskin: 8
    • Sleight of Hand: 8
    • Sacrifice: 10
    • Unearth: 12
    • Enflame: 10

Bug Fixes
  • Water Lily now correctly uses Poison Shield instead of blight
  • Units standing in Lava Pits now correctly show the damage in playback.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield Enhancement was not correctly removed by Cleanse when the opponent's hero had died.
  • Fixed Assimilate to only trigger on friendly Demon death.
  • Lightning Armor now correctly displays in top UI for Rune Charger.
  • Fixed an issue where Refund would trigger on non-Stonehold spells.
  • Fixed a particularly nasty bug that involved spawning a totem and then a unit. This could lead to it disappearing on the next turn or all kinds of playback issues.
  • Fixed chain heal to ensure 3 targets are healed if there are 3 hurt targets in range.
  • Fixed Lay to Rest to properly discard Spells, Enhancements, or Soldiers.
  • Audio no longer plays rollover sounds if the window is not in focus.
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