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Today's patch is a large one, encompassing a lot of balance changes, improvements to how we load data, and lots of fixes. As always, please let us know if you run into any issues.

Rank Reset
With today's patch, we have reset the rankings and started a new tournament season. Details on the tournament can be found at
As part of today's patch with the rank reset and the numerous balance changes, we have removed all in progress games.

Current abilities now disable mouse interactions until the ability is complete. This is largely due to issues that occur if you take another action before the ability is done such as moving onto Foolish Grommit’s corpse before he raises into SoulSpark. It also fixes many playback issues that caused units to appear on top of each other (they were a result of actions occurring too quickly and playback getting actions out of order). Some examples include: SoulSpark, Construct Ritual, Transform, Counter, Double Attack, Manipulate, and Skull Head Staff.

Soldier Cost overhaul
- Implemented a new base cost formula for balance. ALL soldiers cost have changed. All other cards cost have increased.
- Players now start with 6 completed mines
- Shrines now have a passive MINE ability and generate 2 minerals of your Heroes faction every turn
- Player 2 Gets 1 Additional (off-color) Resource to start the match
- All maps have 2 shrines and 8 neutral mines in addition to the 12 completed mines.
- Leveled soldiers now increase in cost at levels 3/6/9 (1 gem increase each milestone)

Shrines have a new ability called Hero Bound: “When this shrine is destroyed, friendly Hero loses 10 DEF, opponent Hero gains 10 DAM.”

Data is now locally cached on your client. This should speed up loading of various pages and loading of the game as this data will not need to be retrieved from the server.

MatchMaker now matches off of Rank as well as ELO. This is to help address the matching woes we had for top players who had large ELO gaps.

Additional constraints added to MatchMaker to prevent being matched with the same player in sequential matches. This mainly affects EMs when both players were queued multiple times and were matched across all of them instantaneously.

Mua Tidewalker - Damage reduced slightly, DEF increased slightly
Fixed Mua’s description to state it will only trigger on attack rather than damage.
Blood Witch - Blood Scry ability was removed (was overkill with Overflow)
FEED ability now properly costs 1 AP
Fixed Essence Drain’s description to say it will target the unit that is most hurt, rather than closest.
Mind Control expires once the casters turn is over
Banish now is an activated ability with a range of 3 (so it can be countered).
Fracture now is an activated ability with a range of 5 (so it can be countered).
Recruit is now on a 2 turn cooldown
Octopi Blade now sets the equipped soldier's range to 1
Mine Thief is an activated ability with a range of 5 (so it can be countered).
Warlock Staff now does 50 fire damage to the equipped soldier every time it triggers. Cost increased to 5
Sustain now heals the Hero 75 (down from 100)
Cull the Herd now only heals the Hero 50 Hp’s (down from 100)
Bolster now only heals the Hero 10 HP’s per soldier in play (down from 20)
Cleanse can no longer target Heroes (as intended)
Mend Stone and Mend Treefolk now have a 2 turn cooldown with a range of 6 (up from 5)
Chain Healing: Heroes receive 50% of healing
Heroes have had their HP’s increased by 150. They also gain an additional 100 HP’s in Epic form.
If Healing fountain targets your Hero, it only heals for 50% the amount (25)
Escalate bug no longer triggers on damage, just base attacks (as intended)
Gold received in turn rewards has been boosted by 25-50% (Double gold reward quest will be added in NEXT push)
Starter Deck / Heroes prices have been reduced to 10 crystal or 1000 gold. In a future build all starter decks will be earnable through campaign quests.
Last Stand now adds +50 DAM (down from double) - cost reduced to 2

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue causing the battle log to have an increasing amount of whitespace at the end of it
Fixed an issue preventing the battle log from being able to be scrolled by clicking and dragging on it
Fixed Discard
Fixed visual effect on Grave Revenge
Fixed issue that could cause units to fail to load for opponent when summoned from a spell (Propagate).
Fixed timing issue with DeathRattle that could cause a visual playback issues (units not dying until the sync stage, etc).
Fixed playback of Siphon
Fixed Pyrrhic to work when opponents forfeit.
Fixed the Faction level up graphic to appear correctly when it shows after getting experience while in a game
Fixed issue with QuickMatches over a slow connection that could cause actions to try to playback for the wrong turn. This would lead to frozen games and other ugly game states.
Various bug fixes.
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