Version 1.0.8296 Released

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Amien May 3 @ 6:52am 
I think we can transfer to another ship more easily if we have extra docking station in towns. I find a bug that I can't register new ship when there already exists orignal ship(ex. starter ship) anchored. I couldn't enroll hard-making new ship though I erased all blocks and walls of starter ship.
Amien May 3 @ 6:42am 
WOW.. I'm so surprised. thank you so much. You guys are really working hard and now I can believe you. I still have a expectation for teleporting system, but this patch is good enough. Keep up the good work! :)
morefire31 May 2 @ 10:06pm 
Still unplayable for me, but it looks like you guys are working hard
Alexander Hill May 2 @ 9:05pm 
TravisO May 2 @ 12:15pm