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Dear City of Steam fans,

You might have already heard that City of Steam is closing, and that's true – payment service has already been suspended, and game servers will close down for good on JANUARY 31st, 2016. It was a tough decision to make, but the browser game space is changing rapidly, we have to take this step.

We really want to thank the community for your years of support, and there are a few ways we're planning to do that:

1) All City of Steam players will receive 30,000 Electrum per day until server shutdown. There's still time to upgrade your characters to their utmost potential, and to try things you've never thought of before, be sure to enjoy!

2) You may have heard about our new title, Heroes of Skyrealm . All City of Steam players will automatically secure an exclusive in-game bonus pack for Heroes of Skyrealm at release. Just make sure to copy down your character name and server info, then we'll send you a code to help you get started on your new adventure. If you haven't checked out the previews on the Heroes of Skyrealm Facebook page yet, you are welcomed to drop by at any time!

3) Even though Heroes of Skyrealm is an independent project, and Skyrealm is its own world, the influence of the World Machine can still be felt. Meet Servo!

Forged in the heart of the Nexan Republic, this toiler is one of the 30 characters that give Heroes of Skyrealm its name. He's a new take on an old favorite, and a natural addition to any 3-character team.

From all of us at Mechanist, thank you for your loyalty, feedback, and support over the past six years. We couldn't have made Heroes of Skyrealm without you, and we hope you'll find a place in this new world!
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