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Hello CoS Community,

In the new v2.7.3, we introduced an overhauled Pet system to make Pets go up on the front line, which one do you prefer?

  • Added new Pet System that enables Pets to level up, extend lifetime (with identical ones) and give bonuses to characters. For Pets that can level up, after reaching level 4, they will need additional resources (can be found in various Shops) to move up to higher level. Existing Pets will be unequipped and go to the backpack after patch;
  • Added new Talent bonuses, unlocking at level 40;
  • Expanded Tower of Peril to Layer 70;
  • Added new Ultra Diamond Bundle, available on Steam soon.
  • Increased drop rate of the Daily Quest “Extermination for Examination”.
  • Increased Pet drop rate in Boss Gauntlet;
  • Now Valor Leaderboard is based upon gained daily Valor points;
  • Now Valor rewards of Tourneys, Deathmatch and Rift Weaver will add to the Valor System automatically;
  • GM and Mods now have different chat text colors than normal players;
  • Mercenary System now allows Silver+ Subscribers to auto refresh and consume non-Purple and Orange Cards;
  • Tweaked Monster Lair rewards, players now get relevant Orange fragments instead of Shillings;
  • Disabled the exit during Company Wars;
  • Removed Hardcore or Relaxed option while Auto-combat enabled at level 6.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could possibly abuse Cardiotonic in Rift Weaver;
  • Fixed a bug where system might cost E or Bound E if players clicked on “Merge” button multiple times to get Mods.
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