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With new items and challenges:

- Added charms.
- Added runes.
- Added stats screen.
- Added 6 new challenges.
- Added trolls and loot hoarders.
- Fixed some bugs (and made new ones).

Charms are items that affect you in some way when they are in your inventory. Now there's 15 good charms and one that can be used to forget knowledges.

Runes are items that allow you to add third enchant to a blessed item with two existing enchants. Runes are not available before you complete all of the wishes in one game (Dwarfageddon challenge).

Stats screen is something that has been asked many times over the years but it has eluded the top of my to-do list until now. Stats screen can be seen by pressing Ctrl while the inventory is open.

The new challenges are somewhat grindy but one of them gives you "the Epeen Troll" title. When you try that challenge for the first time, remember that perhaps it's the developer who's trolling.

Trolls are not very smart or fast but they can be hard if you don't have some fire to deal with them. Loot hoarders are there to give easy access to charms.

Bugs and other balance issues can be found in the change log.
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