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Including a new boss and stuff:

- Added a new boss called Dread Lord Nabon.
- Added a repeatable quest that helps to find monsters.
- Removed duplicate bad potions and added new good ones.
- Poisoned weapons are now better and poisons last longer.
- Some other minor balancing issues, improvements etc.

There was this little competition on the server where the first player to spank the King on heroic difficulty would have his name deviously stolen. The name of that rogue was Nabon and he now has his own boss in the game.

In order to keep the game fair, monsters can't be too common or the midgame would prove quite tricky. This, however, makes it so that it is possible to play for weeks and never see a certain monster. There is now a repeatable quest in the inn that can be used to find a specific monster with the excess gold you have.

Potions have always been somewhat boring because of the ratio of good vs bad potions (5 vs 19). This has now been changed so that 23 out of 24 are good once poisons have been identified. Even the only disease potion can be considered good as its effect is much worse and chugging it on an enemy can prove quite funny.

Poisons used to have a max duration of 3 damaging hits. This is no longer the case and their average duration is now much longer. What this means is that an orc with his super nasty poison no longer uses all charges on the nearest snail and you will get to enjoy the effects of it aswell.

There's also some balancing issues but they can be found in the change log.
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