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Including a lot of new features:

- Added chasms and new dungeon templates.
- Added new talents, heritages and challenges.
- Added heroic difficulty level.
- Added cultists to the list of things to do before the King.
- Some less used items were rebalanced etc.

A friend of mine once told me that a game must have lava to be considered a real game. Well, now there's lava for you to bathe in. There's also some water and tentacles. If you have delusions of grandeur I invite you to swim in them.

Players can now shapeshift into a wolf and bear form (or at least skilled players can). If you have what it takes to kill a bear or three, you can begin your journey to unlock the new shapeshifting talents and heritages.

There's some new challenges that are slightly more challenging than those that turn you insane. They are manageable with the proper tools but I'm sure some of them will make you scratch your head and call this game a cheating female body part.

One man's normal is another man's heroic. Once you have unlocked everything and find the normal difficulty level boring, you can start the game with the worst cards in the deck and see how far you can get.

If the cultists haven't been dealt with before the final battle, tentacles will randomly spawn under the player. This may be manageable on normal difficulty with the best gear and a lot of luck but it is impossible on heroic.

Specifics on item changes can be seen in the change log when you start the game but the most noticeable thing is that all regeneration effects are now stronger.

Some mechanics have changed and you really should read the change log to prevent totally unfair accidental deaths. Unfortunately for many of you, all this is TL;DR; and your precious toon is slapped to the ground where it belongs (insert evil laughter here).
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