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Including a bunch of new features:

- Added secret rooms and new custom levels.
- Added new elemental creatures and mosters.
- Improved some of the less used talents.
- Enabled Linux version on Steam.

Secret rooms can now be present on any level but they are still rare enough to not be worth actively searhing for. Instead, it may be worth to try and get one of the automatic search effects to find them. There's also 20 new custom level templates with one or more secret rooms in them.

Elementals are creatures that are completely immune to the damage and effects of their own element (e.g. fire) and they have an aura that damages all other adjacent creatures.

Steady Shot and Silent Cast have been somewhat weak talent choices in the past and they have been buffed slightly. Steady Shot can now be used with Silent Move to do double damage while hidden. Silent Cast now also teaches Clearcasting, which is a passive skill that gives the caster a chance to cast spells without using energy.

The Linux version should now be available on Steam. It still has some issues with all the various distros available and it may require some tinkering to make it work. If you are not sure how to install the required 32 bit libraries on your Linux distro then you should try the demo version on the site before buying this game.
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