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This patch update was quite a large one, and as a result of this, we'll be monitoring any game issues very closely over the next couple of weeks. If needed, we'll patch again quickly for anything broken in the architecture and then if no issues arise, we'll patch on console in the coming weeks (since this process takes longer than than on PC). This is a huge shift in architecture in many areas, meaning we're hoping to see increased performance, but this may also be responsible for some bugs we couldn't account for.

I've written a little more about why this process took a little longer than we would have liked on our blog for those interested here :

Engine update:
  • Unreal Engine has been updated from Unreal Engine 4.8.0 to Unreal Engine 4.13.0

Puzzle fixes:
  • Included a fix for the Miners Dry, Church & Miners Vigil (candle puzzle) for projectors that weren't completing correctly in those area.

Game fixes:
  • Severe culling (assets streaming in) in Pinwheel Harbour and Devlin mine adjusted
  • Adjustment to end of extraction animation
  • Added extraction rubber banding
  • Changed keyboard button prompts to be in red
  • Fixed timings on subtitles
  • Fixed possible issues with Ether projector puzzles not saving properly
  • Removed chances for players getting stuck during extraction sequence
  • Added additional auto-saves to save player progression more frequently.
  • Changed audio in menu navigation
  • Fixed off centre button prompt texts
  • Centered item inspect text
  • Set subtitles to 'On' by default
  • Included spelling corrections in the English subtitles.
  • Fixed look sensitivity not saving and made slider more impactful, started mouse with higher sensitivity by default
  • Fixed a corrupted save issue that was occurring when the game autosaved by moving between levels
  • Save Game times in some situations weren't displayed 'Played Time' correctly, as this wasn't reproducible on our end, we believe a fix has been put in place to rectify this.

    As always, we'll continue to support Ether One to make it the best title it can be so please do reach out either on the forums or through our contact page here if you have any issues, questions or comments:

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