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Hey all!

Great news! We now have a Deluxe Edition of Ether One on Steam! A lot of you have been asking about how you can go about upgrading or getting additional content for Ether One and it's (FINALLY!) now available.

There are 2 options for buying the deluxe edition content. Firstly, if you don't already own Ether One then you can buy the full Ether One Deluxe Edition. If you have already purchased Ether One but wish to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition you can do this by buying the Ether One Deluxe Edition Upgrade.

Please note that this is not additional in-game content. The deluxe edition includes the Ether One OST, Comic books and Script along with a few more additional goodies.

Once downloaded you can find the files on your hard drive located:

Thank you all for your continued support and kind emails. It's great to hear all your experiences of playing Ether One and how much you're all enjoying our game - it really means a lot to us that you've taken the time to play Ether One and hopefully the deluxe edition will make it all the more meaningful.

As ever, if you have any queries, be sure to head over to the forums to chat and ask questions. We're on there daily to make sure we're providing support for anyone that needs it.

From all the team, thank you!
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