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Official Goat Simulator Website
Coffee Stain Studios Website (Developer)

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Hey goats!
Today we launch Goat Simulator: PAYDAY, a brand new DLC made in a collab with OVERKILL. You'll be living the lives of Valentino Salmi, Dolph Spaghetti, Don Pastrami & Humphrey Ciabatta!

Check out the trailer below
  • Do Pranks, Get Paid.
  • FOUR AWESOME GOATS, seriously these guys are like they’re from an Al Pancake movie.
  • PRANKNET - The static contract database.
  • Drive Cars! (Just like that other game)
  • Buy things, use your easy-earned cash to buy masks. Mostly masks. Okay only masks.
  • More masks - because obviously we haven’t been clear enough.
  • Unlock new, even dumber stuff.

Also, check out Payday 2 - The Goat Simulator Heist[], which OVERKILL cooked together.

Coffee Stain Studios[]
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