Update Version 1.6.05 (June 5th, 2014)

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pardonreed Jun 15 @ 6:07pm 
it is, thats a new feature in the game
King Slime Jun 13 @ 3:16pm 
Someone please tell me that when I buy this EVERY element is available on start. And if its not...
meshuggah12345 Jun 11 @ 9:39am 
Agreed, much as I appreciate the new content, fixing what doesn't work should be priority #1.
Wobblah Jun 10 @ 1:12am 
Can you guys try to fix the 'basics' before adding new stuff?
Flamer_ion Jun 8 @ 9:19am 
And still border cuts >.<
Please add screen size options!
hyrulian94 Jun 6 @ 9:46am 
thx for letting us add more ppl but....even if we can add more ppl how are they suppose to move around? they cant even move thru each other or other objects. Also what is the purpose of lumberjacks? all they do is tear down builders houses...
HobbyPsychopath Jun 6 @ 8:37am 
Thanks for the Update! :)
But there is still a limit for the Robots :/ And please add a Fullscreen option to the setting ...
(And please add blood, hehe)
Pastaian Jun 5 @ 11:03pm