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Yes, the pun in absolutely intended! We're leaving Early Access and move to the Steam catalogue. Isn't that great news?

Now we can be discovered by a lot more people, which means more battles, larger teams and greater variety of challenges that you're going to face! Now let's slow down for a second and see what we've done and what it all means for you.

Only with your continued support are we able to keep developing the game, so the features we create ad the changes we make are all based on what you previously liked or disliked about the game. We've listened, we've taken notes, we argued sometimes — and here's what we did.

How is the game different now? Let's start with the most visible changes.
  • The map — brighter, better and action-packed — your fight just got larger than life! We overhauled the main map so that now it incorporates a lot of new elements and makes room for different strategies and player skill levels. Whoever you are, however you like to play, you'll find a perfect spot for you in this new combat environment. Take Defenders head-on? Go take control of the turrets? Crawl through the dangerous nebula and flank the enemy without being seen? Attack the newly-arrived alien force, risk your life, grab a lot of XP and use it to finish off your main opponent? You've got it all and more! This map is all about discovery and emergent tactics. You can bet even we ourselves have not discovered everything that can be done here! Use your tactical genius and bring victory to your side!
  • You've got access to the full range of ships — this may be old news for our avid supporters, but we want to remind everyone about this cool change. Every ship in the game is currently available to every player and even comes in several versions so that you may look unique in combat. This includes not only those vessels that are already in the game, but also all those ships we're still building for the future versions.
  • The in-play bonuses are here to grab — we've never been an all-too-serious game. We wanted space combat to be fun, which sometimes means putting fun things where you don't expect them. And so the bonuses are here! Think of them as those old health-packs and damage enhancers that were lying around in shooter games. They're things you can grab during combat and get more shield, more energy or a damage boost. Sometimes they're random, sometimes you see what you get, and it's always useful. With a bonus, you can change the tide of a battle — or just get even with a particular opponent. Come and see for yourself.
  • Game interface is now much more informative — you'll get notified about technologies you installed, bonuses you've collected and XP you have. We made it so you won't miss the time to go for an upgrade, never misplace your target, and will generally feel better informed in combat.
We've given new abilities to some of the existing ships. Not a single one of them got "nerfed", we pulled them all UP to equal power level.
  • Doomseeker can teleport to safety and become transparent as to avoid damage.
  • Seeker, Sherer and Scourge now can direst their area attacks — not center them on themselves but hurl the center of the impact away as far as they like.
  • Invulnerable got an ability to build allied turrets. This vehicle is now a one-ship-strikeforce that can bring firepower with her wherever she goes.
  • Besieger and Predator do a similar thing — they create allied "spawning pools" that bring out small AI-controlled ships that support your assault. They are different — some have lasers, some have torpedoes — but they are all very useful. If you wanted to lead a swarm onto enemy defences and blot out the sun — now you can do that!
There was also a lot of server-side stuff done, but if we gt it right, you probably won't notice anything — just absense of delays, memory leaks and other problems. The game should run quicker and smoother now.
All that said and done, we're not taking a vacation — the hard work continues day in and day out. Our nearest plans are these:
  • Time for something new! — we're bringing new combat mechanics into the game. They'll create new combat roles and repurpose old ones, all for the aim we set for ourselves from the start — to make a game where everyone will find a combat role perfectly suitable and fun for them. Tell us if you don't have one yet — we'll find something new for you!
  • Time for a new ship! — and not just one. These new mechanics need vessels, right? New, beautiful and formidable ships are coming to your hangar, each one perfectly fit for battle and with many customization options to bring it to your taste.
  • Time to go big! — we're putting finishing touches on another new map, which is going to be significantly larger, better suited to big battles with a lot of participants, and will put to good use all strategies and mechanics available in the game.
  • Time to go informative! — your hangar bay will soon display all the combat statistics that concern you, so you'll be able to track your progress and see when you get better and how good you already are.
  • Time to go to war! — well, you know what THAT means. Fly out and blow stuff up! Those medals won't award themselves!
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