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Secret Ponchos Player Group - Join this !

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We recently discovered how useful this group is, and want to use it as a HUB for our Steam Players.

Make sure you join the group chat!

- The devs will be on the chat everyday at various times to get feedback
- Chat is a great way to communicate with other players, we have a very positive and friendly community

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Twitch Stream Saturday is almost here!

Join us on the main stream where we'll be playing Secret Ponchos (PS4) and doing a Q&A. We'll be discussing everything from "A Beginners Guide to Secret Ponchos" to what we have in store for Secret Ponchos updates and DLC.

Saturday, December 20
10:00 am PST

For our Early Access community, please feel free to watch the PS4 main stream. If you want to play some Early Access Ponchos Caley will be playing and hosting a stream in his channel starting at the usual 10:30 am PST:

Hope to see everyone there!
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