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Happy Halloween everyone!!

I sincerely hope you are all partaking in some spooky festivities this weekend! We’ve included a few in Imagine Me so be sure to poke around the Challenge Levels. Have you noticed the new “sweet” Stat?? (...see what I did there hehehe) The candies are only around for a short time so be sure to rack up your score!

The rest of the updates include:
  • Soundtrack as FREE DLC

    UPDATE!!! We're waiting for the steam servers to settle down after the Halloween Sale. They had a few problems yesterday. You all have it, you just can't see it till the Steam servers set it as "available" on their end. This is my fault for not confirming it was fully live before posting it.

  • new Challenge Levels!! - 30 in total thanks to Chris!
  • Story - Implementation is in with a total of five story arcs you can cycle through. (Feedback Please!!!)

To Fix During the Live Twitch Stream[] tonight: Oct 30
  • A few cosmetics in the Challenge Levels - Done!
  • Controls/Quick Guide Splash - press L for Learn! MISSED THIS ONE!!! Will do this TODAY!!! it touches every scene so I won't push it live till we've spent a good amount of time testing but I'll keep you updated

Coming up for mid November:
  • Intro scene/story
  • More stories
  • Better font for stories
  • At least 3 more bosses

By Late November:
  • More room types
  • More stories

  • A few more mob/bad guys throughout the Campaign
  • Better backgrounds for Campaign

Whew! What an update!! Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!!!
-Hollie (and Chris) ^_^
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