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Just in time for Valentine's Day, this announcement is short and sweet!

Check out the FIVE new color palettes and tons of new blocks Chris has added to the Workshop Level Editor. We'll continue to add functionality to the Level Editor, but can't wait to see what you make!!

Robbe's quest for the "Exit" continues in a special Valentine's Day level. The timer counts down, so you have to be quick!! This level will be available for play till February 28th. Completing the level earns you a special stamp on your Memory Page that will stay :D

We continued a few tweaks and fixes, especially to the Challenge Level hit-boxes, enemy deaths, and arrow collision. This is a result of sooo many community members submitting some awesome bug reports and feedback the past week. As a small "thank you", we added an Emoticon[] dedicated to you. <3

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!
Chris + Hollie

Navigating to the Valentine's Day Level
There was a bit of confusion as to where the new level is located in the game :D
- The Valentine's Day 2015 Stamp is located on the Memory Page of the Campaign (Image[]).
- The incomplete Stamp appears "grey'ed out" if it is incomplete (Image)
- Once you have completed the level, it will appear in full color. (Image).

Navigate to the level using your controller joystick or ASWD keys, per the normal navigation :D The stamp will remain after Feb 28, if you've completed the Valentine's Day 2015 level, but will no longer be accessible to play :)

Hope that clears up any miss communication. ^_^
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