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Hi Everyone!! :D

This past week was one of the most frustrating weeks we have ever had with bugs that *literally* broke Unity. That said - this weekend has been one of the most PRODUCTIVE weekends we have ever had!! :D Everything just seemed to click, bugs were resolved, and a brand new Campaign algorithm has been set up ^_^ I *also* added a ton of new room types to the Campaign generation. They were starting to get a bit redundant and thats not fun.

To top the whole thing off we ditched physics. This makes me soooooo happy. Physics and 2D platformers don't play nice together and it has been just awful for you as players and for me (and Chris) to try and fix/tweak/try not to go insane.

Because that is a TON of changes, we decided to push this build to the BETA branch. A top secret branch some of you have been in on (thank you thank you thank you for all your feedback) and now we want everyone willing to try out the new things to be included (see below).

In the Beta build you will also find the new controls. We want you to try them out and see if you like them. With our new controls set up (for us behind the scenes) its going to be killer awesome to remap the default controls so if you hate them - no worries!!

Wow! That was a lot. Thank sooooooooo much to everyone for all your help in getting this game to a better state! We absolutely love working together ^_^ <3

-hollie & chris

To access a beta branch:
In your game library, right-click Imagine Me, select Properties, and the BETAS tab. You want to select the Betas Branch and type in the code: imaginemegame (super original, right??) Click "Check Code" and away you go!


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