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EBF5 is around 54% complete now, with most of the in-battle stuff being completely done. This includes equipment, items, skills and enemies. And there's a *ton* of all of those.

Here's a short gameplay video, showing off a few things:
It took me over a year to get all that done, so the game is not going to be released soon. But if you're interested in previews and want to follow development, you should keep an eye on my blogs or YouTube channel. I read most comments I get, so you can provide feedback on stuff while I'm working on it.

My website has the most stuff on it, and it will spoil most of the game content, since I post almost everything I make there:

My YouTube channel has some quick gameplay videos, and I don't post much, so I won't spam your subscriptions:

I use Twitter often and it's probably the best place to contact me:

I hate Facebook but it's popular:

Anyway, that is all.

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