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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

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Greetings noble festive sanitary saints!

I bring forth a tidy gift stolen from Santa's sleigh, a small update for Santa's Rampage.

This update brings with it mainly fixes, so nothing too terrifying.
Included in the v1.091 update are some improvements as well.

Read on for the full(albeit fairly short) list.

  • Reduced startup memory usage, helping to eleviate the "Ran out of Virtual Memory" crash issue.
  • Fixed issue with P.I.D names being replaced with random ones if the game is saved before the P.I.D has been picked up at least once.
  • Fixed controller input getting stuck on the Janitor PDA when switching weapons; interacting with PDA now uses Trigger keys, and not Shoulder keys.
  • Fixed Escape Menu pause lock-up when playing splitscreen.

  • Added Key Bindings for Next and Previous tools to Controls Menu.
  • Improved navigation in Options menu, making it possible to scroll from the OK button up to the last item in the list.

And there you have it.
May you all have a truly splendid holiday, filled with eviscerated elves and surprise packages from Santa that really should have been scanned before being handed out to the children...

Hmm, got a bit carried away there.

Have a good one everyone!
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