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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

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Yule Tide greetings, elflings! What, it's not Christmas yet? I could have sworn...

At any rate, Santa --while still on the run-- has left a small package in the form of a minor update for Santa's Rampage.

Normally I'd advise against opening packages from Santa, but judging by the contents tag on the side, it's probably fine, see:

  • Overhauled the trophy collection and trunk transfer systems, hopefully resolving the duplication and vanishing item issues once and for all.
  • Fixed Player Gibs not using level-specific overlay masks; Santa Gloves + Boots.
  • Fixed items in the Janitor Trunk counting against the Sanitized Earth achievement. Trunk Contents no longer matter, and neither do Brooms.
  • Fixed collected elves snapping upright when loading up the Janitor Office.
  • Fixed elf corpses sometimes snapping upright when loading a saved-game.

  • Made several experimental changes that 'may' improve network connectivity.
  • Fixed clients' Always Run setting being overridden by the server, resulting in very "steppy" movement.
  • Fixed Trunk contents not appearing in the trunk when clients first connect.
  • Disabled File Transfers when connecting to games that have content you do not.

Assuming you still have all your limbs, you can probably see there are a number of key fixes in this update.
One of which is that the Sanitized Earth achievement was a bit messed up, making it hard to get.
The other thing was collecting items with the Janitor Trunk, that should hopefully be resolved now too.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Best you get back to that workshop, those little elven faces aren't going to wipe their own tears away anymore, you'll have to do it.
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