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Patch 1.04 is released in preparation of the upcoming sequel to Meridian, Meridian: Squad 22
This update to Meridian: New World links the story of New World and Squad 22!


  • New unit: the "Manticore" is available from the Light Factory once you have a Laboratory.
  • New campaign mission: "Traces of Squad 22" is available directly from the main menu.
  • Added trading cards.
  • Added 5 new achievements.
  • Added French language pack.
  • Added Hungarian language pack.
  • On easy difficulty, the enemy AI starts playing with a significant delay and plays slower.
  • Improved the enemy AI to use units more efficiently on Hard difficulty.
  • As a result of additional optimization, the memory footprint of the game was considerably reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the Steam overlay, then closing the in-game menu would reopen the menu.
  • A bug with the equipment hologram was fixed where the units were sometimes not visible when equipping.

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